Crying For Help (poem).

“My heart pained the other day as amidst the crowd I saw, a young man so alone and lost and that I could bear no more.I walked across towards him and as I got his eye, the pleading that I saw within, I could not just deny.

He turned his gaze towards me and as he looked my way, he seemed to understand my thought, he then began to cry. As I reached out to hold his hand, I felt my heart would break. For softly from amidst the tears, I heard the young man speak

“I wish I knew what I should do, my life is not worth living and there is no soul to comfort me or care what I am feeling, I wake up every morning hoping the day will bring someone who will befriend me or find some peace within.

But each new day is darker and darker, even though the sky is blue, I cannot feel the sun’s rays, Maybe because my heart is broken through. The boys told me I could not fit in, I just do not meet their need and they are focused more on making it. And that I cannot succeed. My family’s tried to understand and did the best they can, but their ways did not fit with mine, so I just turned and ran.

I thought I could do better, I shunned their love and care, but now I know how right they were and I wish they could be here. I broke their hearts the day I left thinking I knew it all, their voices still ring in my ears and I can hear them call. Please help me if you know the way, please tell me what to do. I want to find my way back home before my life is through. I need to ask for forgiveness of those I have hurt so bad, I love them so and I have got to go back to the life I had.

I just can’t bear to live this way, so helpless and alone. I need someone to take my hand and show my way back home”. There were no longer words that I could speak as tears fell from my eyes, I held his hand and smiled at him and hope he would realize, he had found someone who will take his hand and walk the way with him until the time he will find his way back to love again.

Malaika1: If God permits next week, there will be another write up and the title will be “IF YOU WERE MY ROSE…” Is a very nice love poem written to amend broken heart, strengthening of relationships and how to move on with with your lover. Imagine your relationship be like a scented rose flower that even withstand dryness no matter whatever conditions it may pass through. Love is absolutely and certainly a beautiful thing, it’s an expression that cannot be hidden.

I pray that the Almighty Allah Grant us our wish and Happy Eid Mubarak to every Muslim. Assalamualaikum (may the Peace of Allah be upon you).

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