Cocoyam or Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is a starchy edible tuber. It bears broad greenish leaves.

We usually consume the roots tubers or its leaves. The leaves we locally call kontomire. Both the cocoyam roots and the cocoyam leaves (kontomire) have many health benefits for the body.

Cocoyam leaves(Kontomire) is not eaten raw.It should be cooked from 10 to 15 minutes to make it good for consumption. It can be used to prepare lots of dishes.

In this text or post , we will look at some benefits of consuming the cocoyam aka kontomire ;

Boosts the immune system
It gives 86% of the daily value the body wants. Thus, it gives you the needed amount of energy your body will need to have to be able to execute your daily life activities.

Keeps your eyes healthy
Vitamin A contained in the cocoyam leavves(kontomire) will help keep your eyes healthy so you can see vividly without any problems or discomforts.

Reduces Your Cholesterol Levels
It helps break fats thereby reducing the Cholesterol levels in your body system.

Help The Development Of Your Brain And Fetus
The folic acid in kontomire helps develop the brain and fetus found in pregnant women.

Helps Prevents Anaemia
Anaemia is a sickness which pertains that one has lost a large amount of blood from his pr her body system.

Increases Your Sperm Production
Eating the cocoyam leaves(kontomire) helps to rise up the sperm production in men. This really help men with low sperm levels of production.

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