Ofori Atta praises #FixTheCountry convener: “You are a patriot.”

Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta praised the #FixTheCountry Movement’s convener, saying that the government would step up its efforts to transform the nation.

“In extraordinary times, you should expect outstanding leadership from your administration,” he said at a media engagement at the Ministry of Finance’s conference room in Accra on Sunday, May 9. Government claims that without our concerted efforts, we would not be able to provide outstanding leadership.

As a result, I applaud the youth for calling on the government and leaders to perform at their highest levels. This demonstrates Ghanaian youth patriotism, repeating the president’s call to be people rather than spectators.

“You voted us to address the challenges that our country faces, and we will continue to work with you and other stakeholders to accomplish that goal.”

Ghanaians took to Twitter a few days after the announcement of a rise in fuel prices with accompanying tax to express their displeasure with the country’s misery, using the hashtag #FIXTHECOUNTRYNOW.

Bad sanitation, insufficient employment, tax increases, fuel price increases, unreliable power supply, and poor roads are among the key issues posed by the hash tag.

With over 20,000 tweets, it appears that another group of Ghanaians is opposing the hash tag with a new one, #NANAISFIXINGIT, which has over 5,000 tweets.

While the hashtag #FIXTHECOUNTRYNOW highlights the country’s problems, the hashtag #NANAISFIXINGIT shows support for the new administration by highlighting some of its accomplishments.

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