West Ham manager David Moyes is attempting to appear more composed on the sidelines.

West Ham manager David Moyes admits that he has become more relaxed on the sidelines this season.

His positive Covid-19 test and forced absence from the club in September,

according to the Scot, gave him a new perspective on management.

During his self-imposed exile, Moyes missed four games, leaving assistant Alan Irvine and coach Stuart Pearce to man the fort.

With West Ham firmly in contention for a Champions League spot, the 58-year-new-found old’s calm is likely to be put to the test in the final four games.

On Sunday, they face Everton, another European contender, at the London Stadium, with Moyes admitting he is “trying hard” to keep his cool.

I discovered that I couldn’t be emotionally connected when I had Covid and was watching games from the house,” he explained.”I had to stand back and make the calls, but my TV feed was about a minute behind the game, so I couldn’t have a big impact.

So I’ve tried to think about it, to be a little calmer, to be a little less noisy,

and to get caught up in it – but I don’t want to lose it.

I’m not sure what people look for in a manager at times.

Do they want a player who bounces up and down the sidelines?

We’ve seen Jurgen Klopp and a slew of other managers do it in recent years,

and we’ve also seen Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson sit calmly on the bench in the past,

so there are a variety of approaches.

I don’t believe there should be a one-size-fits-all approach. I believe you must simply be yourself.

Personally, I believe I will relax a little more and try to be a little calmer than I used to be.

“Declan Rice has returned to training after a five-week layoff due to a knee injury,

but Moyes has yet to decide whether he is ready to return to the starting lineup.

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