By Kimmy writes ✍️

       Lina's POV

She’s more than a Confessor and darkness runs in her blood too.

Shit!! She has dark powers.
I’m not suprised,, she came from the bloodline of Faye.

I groaned in pain.. just then I heard voices from outside the building.

I looked at Alaina who bent her head , her hair covering her face.
I looked around and noticed a part of the building was already on fire..

I need to leave here right now else she’s going to kill me or the fire kills the both of us.

I staggered out of the building , to my suprise I saw Aspen , Aria , Paige , lord Faye and some armies standing beside them.

I swallowed hard staring at Paige ” Paige did you?? ” I asked pointing my fingers at lord Faye.

” Of course I did.. wait a minute, did you expect me to betray my own friend,,, oh shit Lina you’re just a dumbass…where’s Alaina? ” she asked and stepped forward.

” Step back Paige ,, you don’t want to ” I said moving back wards.
Suddenly, I felt my knee bone cracked and I fell to the ground.

” Paige don’t kill her please ” Aspen said and held Paige’s hand.

” Aspen I’m sorry, this time i won’t listen to you now ” Paige said and pushed her away making her fall flat on the ground.

” Where’s Alaina? ” Paige asked and waved her fingers, I felt all the organs in my body began to cut.

” She’s..she’s in there ” I said and pointed at the building which was already on fire.

Immediately, I started vomiting blood and I knew that was the end of me.

I laid down on the ground blood coming out from my mouth and nose.

I breath my last breath and finally closed my eyes..

           Aspen's POV

” Oh my God!!! Alaina is in that building and the building is on fire ” I cried out and was about running inside the building when Faye held me.

” Alaina,, no no ” Paige cried out and was about going in when the armies held and pulled her back.

” We can’t go in there,, she’s dead ” Faye said and hugged me tightly.

” No no my daughter is a fighter,, she won’t die, she’s not dead ” I cried on Faye’s shoulder.but suddenly I stiffened as I heard my princess’ voice – alaina but the voice was filled with pain and anger..

” Paige you betrayed me ” she yelled and we all turned to her.

” Blood of God!!! ” I muttered and stepped backwards as I saw the state my daughter was in.

Her hair looking messed,, her eyes blood shot,, and she was holding a knife.

” Alaina you’re alive ” Paige yelled and was about running a hug her when she stretched her hands towards Paige.

An heavy wind came from no where and pushed her back making her hit her back on a tree and fell on the ground.

” Arghhh!! ” Paige groaned and tried standing up from the ground.

” I’m going to kill you Paige ” alaina said moving closer to Paige with the knife in their hands.

All the armies brought out their sword immediately.

” Drop your weapons everyone ” Faye yelled..

I quickly whispered to one of the armies.

” Send words to lord Wyatt,, tell him alaina is in trouble ” I said and he nodded before he left riding on the horse in full speed.

Oh my God!!!

She’s going to kill Paige.

I need to stop her before Wyatt’s come.

” Alaina ” I yelled and ran towards her.. she stopped as she heard the sound of my voice.

” My baby ” I called tears sliding down my cheeks as I walked towards her.

” It’s me your mother ” I said and tried touching her but then she pushed me away making me hit my back on the ground.

” Mummy!!!!! ” Aria yelled..

” Faye do something she’s going to kill Paige ” I cried out.

” I’m sorry Aspen,, I can’t do anything.. the last time something like this happened , almost everyone died.. I guess killing Paige would be the only way to calm her down.. let her do as she pleases ” Faye said and I yelled ” no!!! We can’t let this happen “.

” Alaina ” Wyatt’s voice Called from behind.

OMG!!! Wyatt came.

I don’t know how Wyatt did it but within a twinkle of an eye he was already standing in front of Paige..

” Get out of my way ” alaina screamed.

” Alaina it’s me Wyatt ,, I know you can hear me.. alaina this isn’t you.. you’re more than this,, please…. “

” I said get out of my way ” she said in a tearful tone.

The words wyatt is saying is getting into her and she’s Trying to hold herself back but looks like she can’t.

” Alaina….. “

” Just shut up and get out of my way !! ” She yelled and threw the knife at Wyatt.

The knife pierced into the side of his stomach and blood started gushing out.

” Shit!! Alaina what have you done? ” I yelled and stood up from the ground.

” Oh my God!! Wyatt wyatt!! What have I done? ” Alaina yelled and ran towards Wyatt whose eyelids were gradually closing.

” Paige please help Wyatt!! He’s dying ” alaina yelled crying.

” I didn’t know what I was doing,, I don’t know what came over me..i tried controlling it but I promise I couldn’t.. please mom, dad help Wyatt ” she said tears sliding down her cheeks.

Suddenly, she held her head and fell on the ground then lost conciousness.


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