How to live a fullfill life

Everyone always have a dream of living their life in a particular style, unfornately that is not always the case as most people do not usually realize their dreams. This all boil down to the kind of information you consume every day. Your perception of life is contingent on the information you take in. Sometimes you feel stucked and just need a little encouragement to keep moving. Life is an independent state of being, but unfortunately society is constantly trying to make it look ‘This is the norm we follow’.

Do not compare yourself to others:

Everyone has their own map, just see all humans as independent entities. Taking for instance, just like the way you cannot use Ghana’s map to find directions in the United States why do you think immitating someone life style will make you successful. There is difference being motivated by your mentor to do more than trying to be your mentor. Just think about, the fact your age mates are doing great and you are not should be the bases for giving up. So why don’t you think one day you could be used as an example.

Take responsibility for your life:

If you want to be happy , just be responsible for what you do, your life is in your hands ,on the day the world will end you will be called to account for what you have used it for and you can’t tell God ‘it was Mr. A who didn’t do do C’, God will not say because of what Mr. A has done, go to heaven and Mr. A should go to hell, He is going to judge him base on how he lived his life. It is your life and you decide whether to spoil or used for the right purpose. I personally believe we are like satellites created by God, each of has a specific purpose God want us to accomplish, don’t look at what others are doing. Do what is right and is reliously accepted and constitutionally legal.

Never try to please people and do not dwell so much on people’s opinion about you:

You cannot please human beings. Every person has their interest, so ask yourself can you satisfy all their interest. Trying to get them to like you will not make any difference. Infact some people do not like you and you cannot do anything about that. Gossipers are people who do not have anything relevant doing, because if you have important you will not have time to even watch what someone is doing and be gossiping about it . People will always have their opinion so no matter what you do someone still finds it not relevant. So what makes you think you everyone will like what you are doing. There is something you should always note, “Once what you are doing is not against God and is do it.

Thank you for bearing with us up to this point we hope you find this motivating, lets us no in the comments it also motivates us to do more

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