Clubs in the Super League are at odds with one another over a break-up.

The breakaway Super League group is at war – with each other!

According to the New York Times, Barcelona, Real Madrid,

and Juventus have threatened legal action against the clubs planning to pull out of the project.

Only nine of the twelve founding members agreed to a peace deal with UEFA on Friday,

accepting millions of pounds in fines.

The three European giants who have yet to withdraw from the Super League have warned their former partners that if they do,

they will face millions of dollars in penalties.

However, after failing to distance themselves from the Super League, Madrid, Barcelona,

and Juventus are set to face “appropriate action” under UEFA’s disciplinary process,

with UEFA’s chief Aleksander Ceferin praising the nine clubs who “quickly realized their mistake.”

“I said two weeks ago at the UEFA Congress that it takes a strong organization to admit making a mistake, especially in these days of social media trial,” Ceferin said.

This is exactly what these clubs have accomplished.

UEFA wants to put this chapter behind them and move forward in a positive spirit by accepting their commitments and willingness to repair the disruption they caused.

“These clubs quickly recognized their errors and took steps to demonstrate their regret and future commitment to European football;

however, the same cannot be said for the clubs that remain in the so-called

‘Super League,’ and UEFA will deal with them later.”

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