Check What Happens If You Eat Banana At Night

Are you looking for the type of fruit that makes you full within seconds while serving you with incredible benefits that no other food combo would provide?

Then your best choice is bananas! Yes! Not only are bananas nutritious but also delicious and can be snacked with other foods as well. 

Bananas are loaded with vitamins, minerals, plant compounds and antioxidants which makes them medicinal in nature.

The ‘king’ of fruit can be taken at any time of the day, however, due to some minor health concerns linked to banana, it is a good move to know the perfect time to eat and when to avoid it and this brings us back to our question – Is Eating Banana During The Nights Safe?

Generally, bananas are safe and can be eaten at any point of the day not excluding the nights, as stated earlier, but ingesting it few hours to bed can trigger complications in some people.

In fact for some people, eating fruits especially banana in the late-night does not cause problems rather the benefit from it while others may put the life in danger by taking it in the late nights (2-3 hours to bed). 

That said, let us have a look at the group of people who should avoid eating bananas at night.

These People Should Avoid Eating Banana At Night

1. People dealing with cold or cough

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One reason you should avoid ingesting bananas at night is when you are battling with cold or cough.

One effect of banana on the body is how it spikes up the histamine level in our body. High histamine is known to lead to mucus build-up which is a major problem to avoid if you are dealing with cold especially during the nights.

If not avoided this may lead to a disturbing or sleepless night as your body will be forced to get rid of the mucus.

2. People suffering from Asthma

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Asthmatic patients are advised to stay away from banana during the night. Just like the above point, the formation of mucus or phlegm can make breathing difficult hence preventing you from sleeping. 

3. Stomach problems

If you are experiencing a rough day – maybe you feel bloated or uneasy with your stomach, then don’t try eating a banana in the night. 

Banana takes time to digest and sleeping immediately after eating may cause digestional or gastric problems. So assuming you are already suffering from gastric issues, what do you think will when you eat the fruit it the night.

Again, if you want a sound sleep then swap your banana for something lighter – not tea or coffee though.

4. Weight gain

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Bananas are rich in calories. Too much of calories – more than the body needs is known to cause weight gain. Hence, if you want to lose weight, then forget bananas at nights or eat them in the early hours of supper.

5. Tooth decay

You know for sure that bananas are sugary, isn’t it? Then why bother eating it in the nights. This habit is known to bring about gut feeding bacteria which comes to feed on the sugar leftovers hidden in your teeth. Consistency of late banana gashing can cause tooth decay.

Bottom Line

Though bananas are safe when eating at night, however, if you are suffering from the aforementioned problems, we advise you to take your 2-3 hours or even 4 hours before bedtime is due. Bananas can take a long time to digest and so giving such timing will prevent all potential complications linked to bananas.

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