Breaking News:Out of Control Chinese Rocket Debris Set to (Probably) Hit Ghana!

The debris from a large Chinese Rocket is well on its way back to Earth. Only this time, it is uncontrolled and could hit anywhere, literally. The rocket measures 9 storeys in length and 20 tonnes in weight. That size and weght can and will cause irreparable damage if it lands in a populated area.

Experts say that it is likely that the large rocket would land in water. But that is purely based on the fact that 70% of the earth is covered in water. According to the U.S Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, there are no plans in place to shoot down the incoming danger.

The Chinese Rocket being launched

It has happened before

A more disturbing fact however, is that this is not the first time this is happening. In May 2020, a similar Chinese Rocket got out of control and landed in Ivory Coast. This happened while scientists looked on hoping it would have a minimal impact on the environment. Pieces of the rockect landed in N’Guessankro near Bouake in central region in the Ivory Coast.

Scrap Pieces of the Debris from the Rocket in Ivory Coast

NASA estimates that the rocket would probably hit the land and water area between Australia and New York. That includes the Atlantic Ocean aroung Ghana. It is only prudent to say that the chances of it crashing in Ghana is not zero.

Mike Massimino on TODAY said it would be really hard to predict where the craft will land. The US Space Command says it is likely that the rocket would hit the earth between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This is one of the largest pieces of Space debris to come back to the earth but it most likely would not be the last. China has planned to launch ten more rockets between now and the end of next year.

A quick glance every now and then in the skies may be enough to detect some activity. CosmoSapiens is tracking the movement and trajectory of the rocket in real time.

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