NPP must admit it has failed Ghanaians-John Jinapor

Former Deputy Minister for Power,John Jinapor says the NPP has “failed abysmally” in delivering on its campaign promises.

However, the party’s promises in both the 2016 and 2020 General Elections did not showcase.

The comments by Yapei- Kusawgu Member of Parliament come on heels of the Vice president,Dr.Bawumia released a list of 70 issues the Akofo Addo led-government has addressed since assuming office.

However, following a public outcry of the Economy made things so.

“This year alone, the Government introduced nine different taxes and yet it talks about reducing taxes.

Moreover, Fuel prices rise more than 30% since January and in that document, the claim fuel prices is the lowest?

The party has failed. If you want to see the epitome of failure just look at the Zongo development Fun.

The talk about 1D1F,but they have not done about 10% in four years, Jinapor said.

John Jinapor further argued that “this is a government that promised to make Accra the cleanest city. This is a monumental and abysmal failure, and yet he has the audacity to talk about the infrastructure development in the health sector. This government did not even construct a single hospital in the whole four years and yet, vice President has the audacity to release the list”.

The legislator said the government should channel all resources to improve the lives of Ghanaians rather than claiming non existence successes.

“Beyond the economic theories that Dr.Bawumia has been talking about, he has completely lost it. He is simply out of touch. He should get out of the comfort of his office and go to the street and monitor the pulse of the nation.

“This are difficult in the country and I think that earlier Dr.Bawumia wakes up from his slumber and begins to act, the better. This hooting of horns, blowing of trumpets, and writing down 70 achievements that are non-existent is a fallacy of hasty conclusion”.

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