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— Continuation From Part Two……✍️

Today am gonna concludes on the discussions…. “Child Mentoring On Sex Education”

For past two days I have enlightened some facts which many parents has proven negligence while upholding the greatest commandments in marriage which the Lord said and I quote……✍️

“…..train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
◄ Proverbs 22:6″

However, today the table has turns around…. So many young ladies trooping into marriages and young men galloping into marriages are totally naive and empty in skull 💀 about “Child Mentoring On Sex Education”

How can they devote time to mentor their child on sex education when they are neither a saint! 🤷‍♂️

— Some of them got married under the bed defilement of fornications and marital pressure. They got absolutely nothing upstairs for their child in sex education and unfortunately an innocent kid is presently trending in same foundational curse of sexual immorality laid down by the Parents.

Now the Lord Continue and he said……✍️

“….whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.. ◄Proverbs 13:24”

When you look at some Parents …Honestly you will understand that many are not worthy to have children. This is more reason why some newly married couples are barren because the Lord has weigh them on balance scale and found them wanted in ignorance toward Child Mentoring On Sex Education.

If you ask some parents when last did they check their children school bags 🎒, exercise books 📚 or send a spy to monitor and know the kind of friends they mingled with!

….or to call their son’s and daughter’s for an urgent family meeting where they immediately took all their phones 📱 and starting checking their activities on social media.

Honestly, you will understand that many who call themselves parents are parents by mistake !

Anyway, let continue….✍️

📍List Of Factors To Consider In parental Pursue For Child Mentoring On Sex Education:

— Personal Intimacy and Emotional Bond.
— Sexual urges and Control.
— Pornographic Contents And Addiction.
— Dating and Breaking Virginity.
— Blood Sexual Covenant And Yokes.
— Pregnancy and Reproach.
— Abortions and blood of vengeance.
— Abstinence and Courtship.
— Marriage and Glorious Blessings.


As parent, it’s time to step for your Child Mentoring On Sex Education because many things has gone wrong in their life which you are ignorant of!

Let your boy child understand that… “there are two muscles in his body which has destroyed men beyond repaired…… disgraced many men and put them to shame and makes giant able men of an elephant 🐘 to become a lizards 🦎….makes men who supposed to be an eagle 🦅 to become a worm 🐛.

— The first Muscle is his Tongue.
— The second is his Penis.

This two muscles are more greater than any other organ in his body. It has disgraced men and paralyzed their destinies and the Devil is still using it terribly…….because he knows; whenever he captioned them with this muscle…it will only takes Heaven to delivered them.

So your boy child should flee from kissing a girl because if not, the second muscle will switch it action and in next 50 years of his life, he won’t recovered what he has lost due to 10 minutes of pleasure.

Let your boy child understand that…. “When a man has Sex with a virgin girl, he washes the blood of the hymen and thus binds himself to that girl spiritually”

— Whenever he has sex with a girl…. he is ignorantly making a blood pact with the girl at the same time.

— Whenever he has sex with a girl that isn’t his wife….he will ignorantly activates the demons of evil to have access to him because sex is blood.

➖ Through sexual sin, body, mind and soul are linked….everything that is inside the girl, all her foundational curses, poverty, failures, bad luck and problems will spiritually enters into him.

➖ Through sex, he will partake in all the iniquities of the girl family and even their ancestral curses because sex is blood and a covenant.

However when he has sex with his wife whom he has legally married to, the blessings that follow marriage naturally will definitely follow him.

Now To Your Girl Child……✍️

Let her understand that…..”there is one muscle and one hole in her body which has put so many women in disarray, making high flying women to be swimming in the ocean of trouble and despair…It has cause many promising stars 🌟 to be buried alive 💀.

— The first muscle is her Tongue.
— The second is her Vagina.

She should understand that access to this single hole beneath her body is very sacred and once she make it loose, she will likewise loose her destiny.

More than any other problem that has been brought before deliverance ministers and pastors, the most complicated problem and has cause trouble for women is that single hole under her vagina.

Now unto every womb there is a gateman assigned from Heaven. If she pushed off the gateman and allowed anything to happened beneath… the ball is in her court because in next 50 years of her life, she won’t regain the lost treasure!

Your girl child should understand that ….”when a virgin has sex for the first time with a man, the fact that the rupture of the hymen causes a flow of blood which spurts on the sex organ of the man….means that an alliance has been established between them and only death can separate them”

Sexual sin will turn her good destiny into a bad destiny and even her destiny can be altered through sex.

Through sex the devil will steal her crown 👑 , steal her throne, snatch her graces, tear her tunic🥻, steal her Gold, Silver and manipulates her glorious Star 🌟 and also destroy her projects… and eventually suck her grace because there is covenant behind Sex.

Now educate your girl child On the doctrine called …… “JUST A KISS WITH LITTLE ROMANCE”

Let the poor little girl knows that…. “Just A Kiss With Little Romance will push her into sexual intercourse.

….Once she got trapped into Just a Kiss With Little Romance…. It’s like adding little Petrol to small spark of burning flames 🔥

Tell her that she is an Emotional Being and much more vulnerable and her weak ability to get back on track during those emotional combustion 🔥 in kissing and romancing might be difficult.

At that moment, her whole body will be on fire 🔥 because almost every Part of her body are highly sensitive.

Let her understand that there are large number of nerves pleasuring ending in her…….✍️

— Mouth & lips,
— Breast & Nipples,
— Waist & Buttock
—The Scalp & Neck etc.

These body part are super sensitive to touch due to a large number of nerve endings while her clitoris has about 8000 nerves ending.

Now, merely touching of this region sexually by any man can set her off on fire 🔥…. getting her wet or horny and ready for an unplanned hot 🔥 cake she never anticipated.

No matter the level of her spirituality….. if she didn’t apply the spiritual sexual protocol which is known as fleeeeeeeee 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ …..She will definitely fall because the power of Sex is greater than her flesh.

Let your girl child understand about the values of Sexual Purity….She must Never involve herself with JUST A KISS WITH LITTLE ROMANCE which can lead to sexual intercourse.

— JUST A KISS WITH LITTLE ROMANCE will take her farther than she ever wanted to go.

— JUST A KISS WITH LITTLE ROMANCE will keep her longer than she ever wanted to stay.

— JUST A KISS WITH LITTLE ROMANCE will cost her more than she ever wanted to pay


It’s now a moment of deep enlightenment for your Child Mentoring On Sex Education.

Dear Parents please don’t leave any stone unturned.. As a marriage and relationships counselor and also as an evangelist… “I have heard some horrible stories which some of your children are presently experiencing without your knowledge! 😔

Let your child understand the shame and reproach pregnancy 🤰outside wedlock will bring to the family and church ⛪!

Please don’t make mistakes by threatening your child but rather be your child mentor…..become your child best friend and the kid will never hide anything from you!


You have to let your child understand the dangerous implications involved in having Sex before marriage…. Let the child understand that “Sin Always Begat Sin!

If ones got entangled into sin and start covering up instead of seeking for genuine repentance… It will leads to more deeper Sin and confusion.

Once pregnant 🤰occurred through sexual sins… Abortion isn’t an option because it’s act of murder!

Your child should be enlightened on blood vengeance associated with abortions… He or she should always kick and stand against abortion.

While in the midst of friends, your child should always preach against it and never to encourage anyone to carried out such wicked act because God will definitely visit the blood upon the wrong adviser or counselor.


You need to push harder on Child Mentoring On Sex Education by letting your child understand the importance of SEXUAL ABSTINENCE and hatred towards DATING Or BOY/GIRLFRIENDS RELATIONSHIP and your support for COURTSHIP.

It’s time you educate your child on LIFE PRINCIPLES…. How to create them and live by it by all cost!

Thus life principles will guide your child as he or she walk on the path of life…..✍️

Some of examples of these principles goes thus……✍️

— Please I Don’t Kiss!
— Please I Don’t Hug!

— Please I Don’t Date!
— Please I Don’t Stay Late At Night.

— (girl child) Please I Don’t Visit Male Friends Alone!
— (boy child) Please I Don’t Visit Females Friends Alone!

— (girl child) Please I Don’t Entertain Male Friends Alone!
— (boy child) Please I Don’t Entertain Female Friends Alone!

— Please I Don’t Entertain Romantics Words!
— Please I Don’t Receive Late Midnight Calls.

— (girl child) Please I Don’t Accept Gift From Male Friends!
— (boy child) Please I Don’t Accept Gift From Females Friends!

— Please I Don’t Attend Party….etc

Now, you need to mentor your child to always stand and uphold these life principle with his or her last drop of blood!


This is last stage which constitute…..discussing on important of getting marry as a VIRGIN!

Please keep on sounding the alarm in the ear 👂 of your child consistently about his or her VIRGINITY!

As you wake up in the morning…. Call your child and remind him or her with this word…. “your Virginity will attract God’s blessings in your future marriage… Please keep on praying and controlling your sexual urges and continue living in absenteeism because their is awaiting rewards 🏆 for VIRGINITY CHAMPION in marriage!

Let your child understand the importance of trusting mostly in God’s Grace in the upholding of virginity till marriage….✍️

Your child should understand the importance and of spending hours in prayer for the maximum Security of his or her VIRGINITY

Let him or her keep on holding up because nothing glows than high self esteem because high Self esteem is most attractive!

Nothing glows 🌹 than carrying grace and nothing glows 🌲 than being elegant because grace and elegance is a die for!

Tell your girl child that….even in her innocency, she should always prove to the whole world 🌍 that she is a Princess 👑 and her father is the King of Kings….✍️

➖ Princesses are not adored by their perfect beauties!
➖ Princesses are not adored by their shapes!.

➖ Princesses are not adored because they are Sexy….NOooo 😕
➖ Princesses are taught Confidence from childhood!

➖ Princesses are taught Respect and Courtesy from childhood!
➖ Princesses are always reminded who their father is and how different they are from the outside world!

➖ Princesses are taught how to carry themselves with grace irrespective of their adornment!

➖ Princesses are taught how to face Kings, Princes, Queens, kingdom and the nation with Pride, Grace, and Unflinching Boldness!

WHY? 🤷‍♂

It’s simply because they are ROYALTY with their VIRGINITY always intact!

They always behave like Royalty… And that is what they are adored for!

— They always first Protect themselves before looking at others because most men coming around them are seeking for their body to defile and not their Heart ♥

— They always avoid any form of disrespect (flirts, insults, jokes even from the opposite sex).

— They don’t shy away when wisdom is demanded but always portray with authority but mostly with humility!

— They always defend their faith! …Stand by it, stand for it! . Professing it with all boldness and surety because they understood that the way they project their faith and beliefs.. Is the way the world will accept it.

— Princess see marriage as a form of Partnership as well, she sees herself as a whole woman working together with a Whole man to build a beautiful home (her kingdom)…

— They are never desperate, gullible and don’t project themselves into depression or been unhappy in singleness….She knows at the right time, her father will give her to a Prince 👨 with honour and grace… Of a royal blood, who deserves her!

She don’t go around looking unhappy 😔 and lonely. She knows her worth in her father’s kingdom.

As as a Parent….these is what you should always rehearse at the ear 👂 of your girl child every week if you actually value Child Mentoring On Sex Education.

Finally I Drop My Pen ✍️ Here!


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