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— Continuation From Part One……✍️

… gonna discus briefly on few factors to consider while taking the course on “Child Mentoring On Sex Education” because most parents don’t understand what is known as Parental godly duties!

All what they know is making money 💰, having Sex and production of children to this broken and decayed world 🌍 of immoralities and left them messed up due to lack of knowledge!

📍List Of Factors To Consider In parental Pursue For Child Mentoring On Sex Education:

— Personal Intimacy and Emotional Bond.
— Sexual urges and Control.
— Pornographic Contents And Addiction.
— Dating and Breaking Virginity.
— Blood Sexual Covenant And Yokes.
— Pregnancy and Reproach.
— Abortions and blood of vengeance.
— Abstinence and Courtship.
— Marriage and Glorious Blessings


As a counselor, I have heard numerous pathetic sexual incidents among youth’s and if you examined keenly, it will definitely traced back to the nonchalant attitude of the Parents towards Child Mentoring On Sex Education.

I got provoked in the spirit the day when a young lady call my attention due to addiction in masturbation….during the cause of interviews she said and I quote…. ✍️

I got myself into this sexual exposure mess because of my early addictions to fornication at tender age of 15—16 years.

My friends often make horrific jest about my buttock because it was narrow and their counsel was that.. “Once I had Sex it will burst out!

…..another lady confess how she got into fornication at tender age because she has flat breast and her friends advice her to start having Sex and it will burst out!

…..another lady confess how desperately she wanna have sex all because her friends are doing it!

While another confessed that she can’t discuss anything related with sexual stuff with the mother because she is over Spirikoko woman!

Something’s ago, a young lady broke her virginity and emotional trauma and shame sets in…. She couldn’t confide with the mother because they are not emotionally bonded!

Her dad is the only person she could confided with!

Now, I try to inquire….✍️

“Why your father instead of your mother?

She replied and said…..✍️

“It’s because my mother always take things too serious”

— She is always around but doesn’t cares!
— She is always around but doesn’t listen!
— She is always around but doesn’t understand!

However, My dad is different human in nature!

— He isn’t always around but he always reach out!
— He isn’t always around but he always understand me!

When I offend, he will spank me and yet I will still drew closer to him.

— He is always comforting!
— He always teaches!
— He always listen!

Now, when I regrettably broke the seal of my virginity …. I ran 🏃‍♀️ to him and opened up even if he would scold me.

He was so angry and later comforted me with deep counseling while my mum was busy shouting! 🥶

Now, when you consider all this scenario you will agree that…. “Most Parents are presently digging the future graves of their children due to inadequate Child Mentoring On Sex Education”

The first step to embark in pursuit for Child Mentoring On Sex Education is building Personal Intimacy and Emotional Bond with your child.

Last year, I meet a young lady who brought new mobile 📱 for her dad!

I immediately asked her,… “Why didn’t you also brought for your mum?

She replied with smiles ☺ and said… “Nay, I’m not too close with my mum!

I became curious to hear more from her.. Then she continues…. ✍️

‘While growing up as a young girl, if assuming my dad is the owner of this phone 📱. .. If I took it in an attempt to find out how it operates. #My mum will command me to drop the phone 📱 while my dad will call and sat me down… And began to lecture me everything about such mobile phone 📱 and how to operate it.

“I mean, he is my world and everything and I don’t hide anything from my old man” …..She concluded with smiles ☺

— If you wanna earned the trust of your Child….Try to be nice!

— If you wanna win the loves of your child…..Try to be comforting.

— If you wanna hear the deepest secrets of your child……Try to make adequate time!


Now, once you begin to built Personal Intimacy and Emotional Bond with your child…. by giving room for self expression and heart conversation!

Then, it’s certain that spirit of shyness and fear won’t interfere!

It’s the moment to discuss about the puberty signs or body development of your child… Call your child and start having secret conversation about his or her daily activities!

— About sexual urges!
— Type of Foods that spike urges.

— Types of Friends to delete!
— Type of dress to avoid.

— The ovulating period and self control!
— Mind engagement in Bible reading and church activities.

I mean, there are many things to discus with your child which will definitely keep him or her updated because distance vacuum will definitely cause others to take advantage of your child ignorance due to lack of Child Mentoring On Sex Education.


Now, the next step is taking him or her on world exposure!

The problem with most parents is that… “They thought their child is always a novice!

Some kids knows more than their Parents due to Global Technology and Science……✍️

Kids always learn new stuff… In the school while among friends, they are always learning and experimenting.

Now, it’s your duty to call your child for discussion after earning his/her trust because if your child didn’t trust you……”if your child isn’t free with you…..If your child always hide under the bed at the sound of your voice…. If your child is always telling you what you wanna hear and not what you don’t wanna hear… Then you have a big problem as a parent.

It’s a problem you seriously need to resolved by following the above first steps listed……Then proceed and begin to inquire about his or her knowledge about sexual scene!

Please always be a good hearer instead of been a garrulous Parent — always let your child do the talking while you keep on nodding your head without showing any negative signs!

My beloved father’s and mother’s…. This trick is been used by smart dude while trying to win the heart of your innocent daughters!

They won’t rebuked or speak harshly at your daughter … But will rather agreed with all her opinions and openly listen to her complains and meekly speak to her in a way she won’t feel hurt… and even in the cause of misunderstanding, they know how to play smartly by pointing out her errors through by sharing True Life Stories of others to her!

After she might had listen to the stories, your innocent daughter will definitely accept her mistakes and immediately apologize.

Then few months, as a parent you will got to know about the Relationship and threaten to disown her if she didn’t break it up… While she will keep on screaming… “BUT I LOVE HIM” 😔

As parents, you will keep asking yourself… “What did she saw in this unbeliever whose make her to fall for him?

Honestly, most of you parents needs to upgrade because you are blinded from facts.

Now, you need to let your child understand the consequences of watching Pornography and horrible damages imbibe in addictions.

Use True Life Stories to educate your child and stop shouting instead of talking … True Life Story will speaks volumes while counseling your child.


Now, it’s time to impact your child about the new threading and demonic Movement which the Western World regarded as “DATING” while the African knows as BOY/GIRLFRIEND RELATIONSHIP.

Let your child knows the implications involved in DATING… It’s never godly and it’s unscriptural…. It’s never found among godly believers and it’s self tempting.

Please enlighten your girl Child with understanding and let her know that…..✍️

Any man that isn’t helping to built her spiritually and mentally developed ….Isn’t worth of been her future life Partner.

Let her understand that she can’t stay or keep hanging around with a man without sudden develop of sexual feelings with him, unless he is her blood brother.

Please inform her that ….Man is naturally wire mentally for procreation and SEX is like food unto him 🥗.

While she is naturally wire for ATTENTION and when she is not receiving it… Depression will set in.

Let your girl child knows that it’s better she find something else to get busy with… Reading of educational books 📚, spiritual books, discovering her purpose and working it out and start thinking what to offer to the society and the Church instead of fooling around with a man who’s not even ready for marriage.

Let her understand that if she is seeking for an attention from a man that is not yet her husband…then she should be ready to offer her body soonest in an exchange.

Now…….. ✍️

Let your boy child understand the consequences of losing of ones virginity and inform your daughter about the pride and honour virginity always brings on wedding night.

Please Check Back Tomorrow For Continuation…. ✍️

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