Wesley Girls; Muslim students can’t fast.

Wesley Girls school, one of the top secondary schools in Ghana on account of their consistent exceptional academic performance year in year out has denied Muslim students of the school the freedom of engaging in the ongoing Fasting for Ramadan.

The decision taken by the school authorities has sparked heated arguments in the country as to whether the school reserved the right to deny Muslim students from participating in this religious activity which people think if they do, will be a ridiculous , “muslimophobic” and a religious peace threatening decision.

According to the Association of Wesley Girls Old students, the decision was solely a health informed decision or policy but not to discriminate against other religious practices or faiths. The policy came into play when past experiences saw some girls who were engaging in the practice exposed themselves to life threatening risks where not only their families suffer and feel the pain of losing their wards but their colleague students also get traumatized and hence a fall in the academic performance of students.

The association further reaffirmed their position on the controversial issue as stake holders and will never relent on their efforts to maintain the schools values and disciplines.

Do you think the school should take a review of their decision and let the Muslim students have their way ?

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