Woman Gives Birth To Nine Babies At The Same Time (Photos)

After being told during an ultrasound scan that she will have seven babies instead, a 25-year-old Mali woman gave birth to nine babies.

The woman, whose name was given as Halima Cisse, had an ultrasound in both Mali and Morocco to see whether she might have the seven babies, which all seemed to be the same, but when she gave birth, she received the shock of her life when she delivered two more babies than the initial seven.

With the country’s transitional leader for Mali, Bah Ndaw, ordering that she be taken to Morocco while she was in labour, the mother of nine infants, five girls and four boys, has received a lot of international attention.

Speaking regarding the lady’s health, Mali’s Minister of Health, Fanta Siby, said that she was in good health after a caesarean section and that she would be taken back into the country after a few weeks.

Below are some images;

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