“They Can Go To CNN And Have A Meeting About My Comments About Bawumia” – Captain Smart

Captain Smart has hit hard at his critics who are bent on destroying his name. Today, Wednesday, May 5, 2021 on the Angel ‘Anopa Bofoo’ show he fumed at some pro Bawumia supporters for having a press conference regarding some comments he made about Vice President Dr. Bawumia.

It can be recalled that Captain Smart out of the frustrations of the country noted that the leaders of the country had failed. He hit out at Dr. Bawumia for promising so much and delivering little. This didn’t go down well with the pro-Bawumia fans who organized a presser to bombard Captain Smart. In a sharp rebuttal, Captain Smart has given a response.

“Why should you increase prices of fuel and suddenly decrease it? What went into the consultation? How can Akufo-Addo repeat the same mistake J.A Kufuor made? Nana Addo, do you remember that? You were in that government. You were our flagbearer then. If you flop, we will tell you. Our leaders are lazy.

I recently heard that there has been a press conference about me saying I have insulted Bawumia. It is too small. They can even go to CNN. As if I care. Those who did the press conference are hungry people and they want money from Bawumia. I looked at the mouth of one of them and he looked so hungry. Our problem is that most of us are silent when it is our party in power” Captain Smart said.

Was Captain Smart right in his comments? Why is Dr. Bawumia suddenly quiet? Is it about fixing our attitude or the county’s leaders fixing the nation?

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