THE NAKED TRUTH. Why The World Prefer Lie To Truth


One day, Truth had an appointment in a certain town where people were very anxiously waiting for him.

It was a hot day, and Truth was walking along a dusty narrow road toward those people who were waiting. But, as he walked, the heat was almost unbearable.

As Truth was going along, he saw through the woods a pond, and Truth thought, I think I’ll take a swim and cool off from this heat.

So, Truth went aside and pulled off his lovely white clothes and hung them up on the boughs of the trees and jumped in the water. And was just enjoying himself.

But you know what, wherever Truth goes, Lie goes. Lie heard that Truth was going into town and so he also followed.

He too was caught in the heat, and when he finally came to the place where he saw the pond, he thought, I’ll go aside and take a swim and cool off a little bit.

So he went over to get ready to jump into the pond and suddenly he saw Truth’s clothes hanging on the trees, and Lie, being sneaky, got an idea.

Ah, he said, I’m going to let the swim go; I’m going to steal Truth’s clothes.

So he pulled off his old raggedly clothes and threw them on the ground and he put on the lovely clothes of Truth, and he got back on the road and went walking into town.

Meanwhile, the people were anxious for Truth to come, and when they saw this ‘thing’ coming, they began to rejoice and say, “Here comes the Truth! Here comes the Truth!”

However, a perceptive elder amongst them said, “No, hold it people, hold it. That’s not the Truth. That’s a Lie with Truth’s clothes on.”

After a while, Truth got through with his swim and came out intending to get dressed and go into town.

When he got out he noticed his clothes were gone and he was very disappointed, wondering where they could be.

As he looked around, he saw the old ragged garments of Lie. But Truth decided, rather than wear that, I won’t wear anything.

So, he started down the road, just the way he was. And when the people saw him coming, they began to rejoice and shout, and they cried, “Look folks, here he comes, the naked Truth!”

Friends, today there are lots of lies in Truth attires.

Watch out carefully. Not all that are holding the Bible are Christians.

Not all that are praying are talking to God.

Not all so-called worship is directed to the true God.

Not all who supposedly worship God, do so in spirit and Truth.

Many, unfortunately steal the clothes of Truth when they are Lies.

The Truth may come naked, not politically correct, not attractive and not clothed in beautiful raiment.

Buy the Truth, and sell it not.

Don’t be deceived, the beautiful Lie will not be attractive and celebrated forever.

Embrace the naked Truth now.

Don’t be ashamed of the Truth.

Accept only the Truth and share only the Truth.

Finally, what are you wearing, Truth or Lies?

Please Feel Free To Share and Be Bless

God Bless You All.

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