( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

           Episode 7

Written by Kimmy ✍️✍️

         Alaina's POV

” Can we be friends? ” Paige asked and I stared at her with my mouth wide open.

” Friends? ” Nova asked and she nodded.

” Friends? ” Nova asked again and she nodded.

” Friends ? ” She continued asking and Paige kept nodding her head like an agama lizard.

” Stop that nova ” I said and she burst into laughter.

” After what you did to me you still had the gut to ask us if we can be friends?. Wow , bravo. I see you’ve gat some nerves ” nova said and moved closed to her.

” Nova ” I called but she ignored me.

” Are you sure you wanna be our friends? ” Nova asked and smacked Paige’s head.

” Yes ” Paige said in reply with her hands on her head.

” Awwn too bad we don’t make friends with an hypocrite like you ” nova spat out angrily.

” Nova please calm down ” I said and held her hands.

She rolled her eyes and moved away from Paige.

” I’m sorry for her behavior… ” Paige cut me off.

” It’s alright I deserve it ” she said and frowned

I kinda felt pity for her.

” You can be our friends ” I said and nova yelled at once making me flinch.

” Alaina!! ” She yelled.

” Hey bae calm down ” I said to her.

” I won’t calm down Alaina. This girl order some guys to rape and now she wants to be our friend ” she said.

” Nova she already apologized and she’s really sorry ” I said and touched her shoulder.

” What if she wants to be our friend for her own selfish reasons. What if she’s not truly sorry and she’s lying to us ” nova asked calmly.

” She’s telling the truth nova. I can see it in her eyes ” I said and she sighed.

” I won’t doubt you because you’re a confessor but right now I don’t trust this girl – Paige ” she said.

” I’m not telling you to trust her. I’m telling you to trust me nova. She’s truly sorry and I guess she wants to make up for what she did to you ” I said and she looked at Paige.

” How can u be sure? ” She asked.

” I’m always sure nova , it’s part of my gift ” I said in reply.

” Fine then we can be friends but only for my sister’s sake ” nova said and walked away angrily.

” Thanks Alaina. You really have a good and soft heart , I see why the Lord blessed you with the gift – confessor ” Paige said and I smiled at her.

” It’s nothing. I’ll be on my way now ” I said and was about leaving when she called my name again.

” Yes ” I said in reply.

” Thank you ” Paige said and I raised my eyebrows.

” For what? ” I asked.

” For allowing me to be your friend and I promise to make it up to you and your sister , nova ” she said and I nodded.

” Bye ” she waved and vice versa.

” Why would you agree to be her friend ” nova asked as I entered the car.

” I already explained everything to you nova , just please calm down ” I said as I ignited the engine.

” Whatever confessor ” she said and raised her nose making me laugh.

” What’s funny? ” She said with a frown.

” Nothing ” I smiled before zooming off.

” Home sweet home ” I muttered and collapsed on the couch in my room.

Nova walked past me inside the bathroom.

After what seems like eternity she finally came out naked , her body dripping wet meaning she just take her bath.

Oh I guess her towel went missing too.

She kept on moving around naked making me chuckle.

” What are you searching for miss ” I asked because my eyes were already turning me , from her pacing up and down.

” I’m searching for my towel ” she said almost yelling.

” Hey calm down. It’s in my wardrobe ” I said and she walked up to my wardrobe , opened it and brought out the towel making my necklace fall on the floor.

” Hey Alaina look at what you’ve been searching for ” nova day as she wrapped the towel around her body and picked up the necklace from the floor.

Oh my God.

I’ve been searching for this necklace for ages and didn’t know it was inside my wardrobe.

” Thanks ” I said and quickly collect it from her.

I held it in my hands admiring it.

” You know this necklace is not a product of American ” nova said and sat on the bed.

” Really? ” I asked.

” Yeah and till date I’m still wondering where mom and dad got this necklace from. And worst of it all they got one for you with your name written on it and they didn’t get any for me ” she said and sighed.

” Hey c’mon. They already promised to get one for you and I know they will ” I said in reply and she smiled at me.

I laid on the bed after putting the necklace on my neck.

I smiled and touched it.

You know I feel incomplete whenever I see this necklace.

I feel like something is missing in my life and whenever I put it on , I feel complete Because I feel it’s from someone special and important in my life.

Nova put on her clothes and joined me on the bed.

” Alaina… ” She called and I hummed.

” Are we still going back to that school after what happened today ? ” She asked and I nodded.

” But I’m afraid ” she said and I scoffed.

” There’s no need to be afraid when I’m by your side. I’m going to protect you nova with my life and will make sure no harm comes your way ” I said and she nodded.

Shortly , we heard a knock on the door.

” Alaina , nova ” mom called knocking on the door.

Oops when we came in we didn’t see mom.

” Come in mom , the door is unlocked ” nova said and sat properly on the bed.

” Ok ” mom said and opened the door. Immediately she entered the room , she began smiling.

” I got something for you nova ” she said and I smiled knowing fully well what she bought for her.
A necklace with her name written on it just like my own.

” What’s that? ” Nova asked.

” Suprise!!! ” Mom yelled and brought out the necklace.

My guess is correct!.

” Wow thanks Mom ” nova said as mom gave her the necklace.

” Awwn my name is written on it just the way your name is written on yours” nova said sticking out her tongue and I laughed.

” But mom alaina’s necklace , looks ancient and Beautiful , it’s not even a product of America ” nova said and rolled her eyes playfully.

” it doesn’t matter baby. What matters is that you both have the same necklace with your name written on it. Right aina baby? ” Mom asked and I nodded.

” Come here girls ” she said and we did a group hug.


Fast thinkers.

Who remember that alaina’s necklace and who gave it to her?

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