THE CONFESSOR. Episode 6 Released

( a short episode )

πŸ’š THE

( She’s angelic , he has a black heart πŸ–€ )

           Episode 6

Written by Kimmy ✍️✍️✍️✍️

         Alaina's POV

” What’s happening Alaina? ” Nova asked trying to balance herself on the ground..

” Wyatt Finn has landed in American ” Paige said from behind and I opened my mouth shocked.

Wyatt Finn in American?.

” What sort of powers does he posses that will collapse a building just because he landed in American ” nova asked shocked.

” No one knows ” Paige said in reply.

” What the f**k?. This guy is extraordinary ” I said in my head..

” Like seriously , who’s this Wyatt Finn and where did he come from – his family and friends? ” I asked Paige.

” He’s a guy with no background and came from no where ” she said.

” How can he come from no where ” nova said and rolled her eyes.

” Hmmm strange!! ” I muttered.

” But why did this building collapse? ” Nova Asked.

” I’m sure he wants to make it known that he’s in American and only few will understand what just happened. It’s just like a message ” Paige said in reply.

” Oh my God Alaina I’m leaving this school. I’m not coming back again ” nova said and I raised my eyebrows.

” Ok how did you know about this Wyatt Finn. Like how did you know this building collapse Because he’s in American ” I asked hands akimbo.

” That’s because he does that most of the time when he was in American and what if I tell you no one has ever seen him face to face , not even me. He doesn’t like showing himself and if he does shows himself I’m damn sure something terrible must happen. though have seen him on picture once ” Paige said.

” Where did you see his picture? ” Nova asked.

” His sister. I was a friend of her sister” she said in reply.

” Sister?? ” I asked surprised.

” Yeah he had a sister. An angel in human form. She was like a Godsent, she’s a rare gem.. Had a soft heart, was loved by everyone and she was a confessor ” Paige said and I moved back a bit.

” A confessor? ” I asked.

” Yes ” she nodded in reply.

” Where’s she now? ” I asked.

” She’s dead ” she said and I opened my mouth.

” Dead as how ” I asked.

” She’s dead. She was killed? ” She said.

” By who and why? ” I asked.

” Ion know who killed her but actually something happened to her so she lost control of her powers and there was no way she could control it. So they killed her ” she said.

” Why did she lost control of her powers and who killed her ? ” I asked.

” Only her brother – Wyatt Finn can answer that question ” she said looking around.

” So why did Wyatt leave the country before ? ” Nova asked.

” I don’t know buh I know he left after the death of his sister willow , the confessor ” she said.

” And now he’s back? ” Nova said looking at me.

” Something isn’t right. ” I muttered and nova nodded….

” Ok you said you were a friend to willow , his sister. Didn’t you ask her where they came from. Like who their family was and all of that ” nova asked.

” I asked but she never told me , so I guess it’s a big secret ” Paige said.

Just then I heard the sound of my phone’s ringing tone.

I checked the caller ID and discovered it was mom.

I sighed before answering the call.
I placed it on loud speaker.

πŸ“ž Hello Alaina

….. Mum said.

πŸ“ž Hi Mom.

…. I said.

πŸ“ž Oh my God Alaina I was damn worried about you and nova. I heard what happened in your school today , hope you guys are safe?

…. Mom asked and I looked at nova.

πŸ“ž We are okay mom but how did you know about what happened in our school today?

…. I asked.

πŸ“ž It’s all over the news dear. Please you and nova should come home now.

… She said and I nodded as if she was seeing me.

πŸ“ž Yes Mom. Love you.

…. I said and ended the call.

” Let’s go home nova ” I said and she nodded.

” Alaina I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. Nova I’m sorry too ” Paige said and I smiled.

” It’s Alright ” I said and was about leaving when she called me and nova.

” Yes ” I said in replied and turned to her.

” Can we be friends? “..


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