Security capos not advising president appropriately -NDC

A member of the Communications team of the main opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) has lambasted the persons who parade themselves as security advisors of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on the security of the nation are not doing a good job.

The NDC member said persons advising the president on the security of the country are shirking their responsibilities.

The NDC’s communications team member said there is trouble starring the country in the face and if not properly handled will blow up in the irresponsible security capos of the country.

Mr Kwaku Owusu Banahene made this comment speaking on ‘ Epa Hoa Daben’ socio-political show on Accra-based Happy FM.

 He explained that the current situation of hardships and youth unemployment in the country is a recipe for some unscrupulous personnel in Khaki uniform to taker over the country.

He added that the fix the country campaign on social media is a wake-up call for the people advising the president on the security of the nation.

He added that country is not in the best of shape coupled with’ Dumsor’, rationing of water, escalating taxes, and prices of fuel in the country.

The NPP is not moving the country on the right path and the president and his cohorts must fix the country in the wake of these hardships, he said.

Not too long ago some security capo told Ghanaians that the hardships under the then NDC’s administration led by

 former president Mahama was a recipe for a coup.

Today these same people are the ones advising the president on the security of the nation with all these happenings, he argued.      

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