Open Warfare – Kuami Eugene Slams Kwame A-Plus As Shallow-Minded For Criticizing ‘Wele Sebe Kontomire

Lynx Entertainment signee, Kuami Eugene has again hit at Ghanaians for belittling his song and passing it off as unworthy.

According to him, only shallow minded people and of course the naysayers would say something like that about his song.

Speaking, he says his song titled Open Gate with the popular chorus ‘Wele Sebe Kontomire’ is no useless song as people have said.

He says he is getting the numbers, people are playing it so why would anyone say it cannot win a Grammy.

“It is really, really a bit too shallow if you say ‘wele sebe kontomire’ is a bad word or it is not Grammy worthy. I don’t understand because I am making numbers out there which means we are really listening to it.”

He says the song has gone viral and he is not far from the truth.

“We are enjoying it. We are playing it at parties, every wedding, every occasion.

Eugene’s comments are a definite jab at Kwame A Plus, who took a jab at the lack of creativity in the lyrics of the song during an appearance on United Showbiz.

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