Natural way to avoid unwanted pregnancy

It is one of the greatest opportunities to give birth.Children are blessings from God.It is the vision of all marriage couples to give rise to offsprings.At times the season that some ladies get pregnant seems very extemporaneous. Although there is no need to prepare for pregnancy yet something must be done in order to abstain or avoid unwanted pregnancy.People have been using some contraceptives to protect themselves.All these are good but some years ahead one must get some effect out of that.According to medication,inserting a contraceptive weakens the womb and at times causes abdominal pains to the canal which can affect ones pancreas.When the pancreas develops any disease it can affect the kidney which can lead to ones death.

The best thing ladies can avoid unwanted pregnancy is to know how to calculate their menstrual cycle well.There is something called free period.During this period,the monthly flow of blood stops for ovulation to take place.During this period one can ejoy herself without getting pregnant.Some people are saying that,free periods last for five days.This cannot be absolutely the fact because not all ladies experience five days free period.Some ladies only experience three days,so for the free periods it depends on individuals mentrual cycle.When ladies continue to practice this they will always avoid themselves from unwanted pregnancy.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.Thanks for clicking this article please follow AkuaNews for more information.

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