My love for Ghana has never faded or weakened.” Emmanuel Gyasi, Spezia forward

Emmanuel Gyasi, a forward for Spezia Calcio, has opened up about his childhood in Ghana and his appreciation for the West African republic.

The 27-year-old was born in Palermo, Italy, but was raised by his grandparents in Ghana until he was 11 years old, when he returned to Italy.

The assailant has spoken openly about his time in Ghana and before coming to Europe.He appreciates having lived in both Africa and Europe.He explained, “I went to Ghana when I was a small child and stayed there with my grandparents and uncle.”

It was a fantastic experience for me because it helped me to learn more about my roots and my country’s culture. When I returned to Italy, I had the distinct impression that Ghana was still very much a part of me.

My homeland is Ghana, despite the fact that I was born in Italy and feel really at ease here. My love for Ghana has never faded or weakened over the years.”Those are my ancestors.”

That is where my motherland is located. It has left an indelible mark on my heart.”

The 27-year-old, who plays for Spezia Calcio in the Italian Serie A, made his international debut on March 25 in a 1-1 draw with South Africa in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

He now has his eyes set on becoming a member of the squad at next year’s Nations Cup finals in Cameroon,

where he hopes to help his country break a 30-year drought.

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