“It Is Unlikely There Will Be A ‘Kumepreko’ Demonstration On Sunday” – Paul Adom Otchere Declares

Many Ghana are still showing their grievances against the government for mismanagement. In a trending hashtag, Fix the country’ Ghanaians have hit the government to solve living conditions. They argue that Ghanaians are suffering and the government needs to step up its efforts. These disgruntled Ghanaians intend to stage a massive demonstration reminiscent of the 1995 ‘Kumepreko’ demonstration.

It can be recalled that in 1995 some opposition parties led by Wreko-Brobbey, Nyaho Tamakloe Akufo- Addo, Akoto AmpawKwesi Pratt and others staged a demonstration. They clashed with members of the Association for the Defense of the Revolution. About 5 people lost their lives and many others were arrested. Their protest was against the Value Added Tax.

On ‘Good Evening Ghana’, Paul Adom Otchere, argued that he does not see the planned demonstration happening as it will go against Covid-19 protocols. In his final analysis he said, “Young viewers, have you seen what happened? The police are probably going to court to take a restraining order against these young men and ask them to wait until the Covid restrictions are over. So the clash between the two of them we think the police will win. It is unlikely there will be a demonstration on Sunday, May 9”

What are your thoughts? Covid-19 protocols were flouted by politicians, during the pre-election time including the President who gave the order and yet nothing happened. What makes this different? Is the demonstration necessary? What will be the results?

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