How Can You Tell Them To Fix Themselves After Loading Yourself With Perks From Their Taxes – Bentil

The vice President of IMANI Center For Policy And Education Think Tank Kofi Bentil has angrily blasted those leaders who are telling Ghanaians to fix themselves knowing perfectly that they are rather not doing things right.

This angry reaction comes after a call by Ghanaian youth to the government to fix the country as the country is sinking with debts and increasing prices of goods and services.

This call was taken to social media with the hashtag #Fixthecountry which has led to reaction from the other side that Ghanaians should rather fix their attitude first.

But according to Kofi Bentil, when your employer tells you to do your job, you don’t turn around and tell them to fix their attitude. He said that is a height of arrogance especially after you’ve loaded yourself with perks paid for with their taxes. 

He therefore said they should rather fix themselves first before telling Ghanaians to fix themselves.

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