Guardiola says he is ‘very proud’ of Man City’s players: Anything etched in the heavens

2Pep Guardiola was overjoyed after Manchester City reached the Champions League final on Tuesday.City won 4-1 on aggregate after a 2-0 win over PSG in Manchester.It will be the club’s first European Cup/UCL final, as well as Guardiola’s first since his departure from Barcelona.”It’s for us all and the club,” Guardiola said. “I’m ecstatic, and my first feelings are for the players who didn’t get to play today.” They all deserved to play, and everyone has contributed, so now it’s time to relax and enjoy it. We have two or three weeks to prepare for the final after winning the league.

We struggled to high press in the first half because they put a lot of players in the centre, and we changed at halftime. In the second half, we recovered the ball better and played much better, and 4-1 on aggregate against a team that defeated Barcelona and Bayern Munich means a lot to us.”Every year, they win the league; they are a team designed to win, and they fought to the bitter end.” They had a large squad, but we were so calm. We battled together to reach the Champions League final, and those are pleasant terms. People assume that reaching the Champions League final is easy.

Getting to the final now makes sense of the previous four or five years’ work. These guys have been consistent every day, which is impressive. We scored a goal through the hips in the first game, and Marquinhos hit the crossbar in the first half today – small details can throw you off.”United won the title thanks to a last-minute mistake by John Terry against Bayern Munich, and Real won the title in the 93rd minute against Atletico Madrid. It’s a tough competition in which something from the stars is involved.”

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