[FIX YOUR COUNTRY] : TTAG likely to embark on demonstration

Teacher trainees of Ghana, TTAG is likely to embark on a peaceful demonstration due to the non payment of their feeding component.

Teacher trainees in the 46 colleges of education in Ghana have been crying to the various stakeholders for release of their feeding components. This money was due during the outbreak the novel covid-19 pandemic.

Trainees were paid their monthly allowance while home with the expectation that feeding components will be paid as well since they spent 3 months home without attending school.

From their quest, steps taken to retrieve this money is still not producing any fruitful feedback.

Trainees might start their demonstration if the stakeholders involved in the disbursement of this money play contrary thus refusing to pay.

In as much as they still fight for their feeding components, their allowance for last semester remains a mystery

Until this is put in place, keep following us as we provide you with information on when and whether they will pay the trainees or they will embark on the demonstration.

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