Fix your attitude first – Kuami Eugene to Ghanaians on “Fixt The Country” Demonstrations

Well known Ghanaian hitmaker Kuami Eugene has prompted Music makers, DJs, and performers to fix their mindset prior to requesting the nation to be fixed.

Responding to the online media crusade #Fixthecountry, in a meeting with Foster Aggor on the ‘Starr Drive’, the ‘Hero’ said Ghanaians should fix their mentalities separately prior to approaching the public authority to fix the different issues in the country.

“My anxiety is media outlets, each partner from the substance maker to the DJs and moderators, we ought to focus on our imaginative pieces very much as we do to different nationals.

“On our music diagrams which should be a Ghanaian Chart, we see a greater amount of Nigerian music generally besting these outlines and we need to fix our attitude towards our own kin and what is delivered here then after that is accomplished, we can channel this energy to help fix our country.”

He added that to be energetic, one needs to help and advance items made here in Ghana.

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