Chelsea goalkeeper Christensen: “Everyone just talks about Hazard in a positive light.”

2Andreas Christensen, a defender for Chelsea, praised Eden Hazard ahead of Wednesday’s match against Real Madrid.

For the first time since leaving the club where he made his name, the Belgian will return to Stamford Bridge.Hazard will be aiming to help Real beat his former club, as the game is currently 1-1 on aggregate.At a press conference on Tuesday, Christensen said, “I think everyone at this club just has positive things to say about Eden, a lot of praise.

“It hasn’t changed, and we are aware of his contributions to the club.” Yes, he’ll most likely play a major role again [on Wednesday].

I believe he has always been a player who brings a lot of joy and good spirits to the field.

If he has that, you will be able to see his efficiency.

I’ve seen him mature with the team and the environment around him,

and he was attempting to pass that on to the next generation.

“We’re aware of his abilities, and he’ll most likely play a significant role in the game.

” He’s always been someone who contributes to the team’s quality and satisfaction.

So he’d add something to the team no matter where he went.

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