3 common practices that grieve the holy spirit and drive him away from our presence.

The holy spirit is the real spirit of the Father that has been given to the church through the powerful name of Jesus Christ. This spirit dwells in every born again christian. It is a power that guides the child of God to walk in obedience to the holy bible. Everybody in christ needs the holy spirit. There is no better option to walk in power than having the spirit of God dwelling inside you. This is a permanent gift to the believer as far as he walks in obedience to the word of God. The spirit was first given to the apostles at the upper room on the day of Pentecost and the promise of the same spirit is for everybody until the church is ascended up to heaven.

The truth about the holy spirit is that, he lives permanently with the child of God to empower him above sin and to overcome the demonic powers of this universe. However, when he becomes grieves through our sinful attitude, he leaves immediately until we genuinely repents.

There are some three things that grieve the spirit of God and forces him to leave our lives immediately. Learn to avoid involving yourself in these common practices to enjoy the continuous presence of the holy spirit in your heavenly journey. These things are common practices among believers in our time. The bible admonishes us to refrain from them all the time.

(1) Deliberate sin.

The bible affirms that he who knows what is right and does it not, to him, it is sin. An intentional sin is where the sinner has foreknowledge of it from the scriptures but go ahead and do it to satisfy himself. This attitude immediately drives away the holy spirit from our lives and make us vulnerable to the attacks of the satanic kingdom. Intentional sin forced the spirit of God to leave Ananias and Sapphira in the scriptures. Sampson also suffered the same fate. There is no need to do something the bible tells you not to. This is a blatant disobedience and God’s holy spirit will leave you instantly.

(2) Spiritism.

Light and darkness have no fellowship. A person cannot serve two masters in his life. Spiritism is the demonic practice of invoking the spirit of the devil for any assistance. The bible speaks against this evil practice. It is an abomination to the lord. If any child of God begins to seek for help from unseen demons, the holy spirit will immediately leaves the person. God is a jealous God who visits the iniquities of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hates him. As a child of God, please avoid seeking for assistance from familiar spirits whether knowingly or unknowingly. If your prayer requests delay, keep trusting in God and definitely answers will come at the right time.

(3) Fornication.

Fornication and adultery defiles the body which is the ultimate temple of God within which the holy spirit dwells. When a child of God engages in immoral sex with an unmarried partner, the holy temple of God becomes defiled and the holy spirit will go back to the father to lodge complaint against you. Repentance and remorsefulness is the only way to bring the spirit back into our lives. Every child of God must be content with his married partner. Having extra marital affairs will never bring any good outcome into our lives. Unmarried people should remain in their chastity and marry at the right time. These three practices will easily drive the holy spirit away from us unless we immediately repents and show desire to continue in holiness. Our redemption in Christ Jesus is sealed with the holy spirit. So don’t grieve him. Walk in purity and holiness on earth.

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