Why Christianity Is Not a Religion; Says Calling Jesus a ‘Good Teacher’ Is Intellectually Dishonest. Ed Young Explains.

“There are some similarities among world religions because all make exclusive claims but Jesus says in John 14:6, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one gets to God but by Me, “said Young. So to call Jesus Just a good teacher is being intellectually and historically dishonest.” He added, “What separates Christianity from other religions is the fact that it’s actually not a religion. Jesus was the most anti-religion person that ever lived. Religion is a set of man-made do’s and don’ts in order to appease God.

Young noted world religions are different from Christianity when it comes to salvation, the human condition, their history and claims.

Hinduism, he said, is about the notion of Kama while Buddhism is “an offshoot” from Hinduism in that it’s goal is to reach nirvana. Young also explained that these eastern religions are considered esoteric, meaning their philosophies are based on looking inward.

On the other hand, western religions like Judaism, Islam and Christianity are exoteric because “God revealed Himself from the outside through nature and also through a trust textbook,” Young explained.

“The Jews are not concerned with the after life, they’re waiting for the Messiah to give them back their land and dominion on the earth. It’s very historical, a religion based on works, “said Young.

He added, “The Quran was written 580 years after the Bible, it’s basically a crude copy of the old testament. They follow the five pillars of Islam and depending how well you follow the pillars, you either get punished or go to eternal paradise. It’s a fingers-crossed game. However, the differences with following Jesus compared to Islam and Judaism is found in the Bible which states “good isn’t good enough, “said Young.

“Religion is spelled ‘do’ while Christianity is spelled ‘done’ because the work has been done, the price has been paid because Christ did something for us that we can never do on our own,” said Young. “God arranged his ingenious plan. He arranged Jesus to be man and God and He did two things; he fulfilled the law perfectly, sinless and He took the punishment on the cross for your sins and mine.”

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