Thousands of Christ Embassy members gather without masks for “Pneumatica Night 2021.

Thousands of congregants gathered at the Fantasy Dome without masks – The congregants, who numbered in the thousands, took part in “Pneumatica Night 2021” – The event’s organizers, Christ Embassy, have made the YouTube video “personal.” Online images and videos of a packed church service in an enclosed room at Accra’s Fantasy Dome have surfaced.

The “Pneumatica Night 2021” church service, coordinated by Christ Embassy, had tens of thousands of people singing and dancing in energetic praise – without facemasks or social distancing.

As many condemn the church for apparent violations of Covid-19 protocols, organizers of the church event have so far made the YouTube video of the service “private.” Pastor Chris Oyakilome, the church’s founder, is well-known for his controversial views on Covid-19 protocols and vaccines. The pastor has initiated anti-vaccine initiatives, claiming that they are a plot to eradicate the African race, an accusation that the World Health Organization (WHO) has condemned.

Archbishop Duncan Williams has chastised a cross-section of the public, including pastors, for peddling Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theories.

Duncan Williams announced that he had taken his vaccine during a Sunday sermon, and that taking the Covid-19 vaccine requires confidence. Despite the fact that he did not say who he was chastising in his sermon, portions of it can be directed at Pastor Chris, who had previously preached about what he claimed to be evil intentions behind the Coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent vaccine.

The vaccine, according to Pastor Chris, is designed to wipe out humanity. Duncan Williams, on the other hand, is adamantly opposed to this.

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