Things That Show You’re Forcing A Relationship

You have to do something a little extra to make yourself feel comfortable — or more attracted to them.
Have you ever been in a situation where your partner wants to go out, and you immediately think of what friends are available for you to invite because you don’t feel comfortable being alone with them?
Or, have you ever felt like you had to have a few drinks to feel more attracted towards them? what keeps your relationship going is the love you have for them and their other qualities. Don’t depend on physical attraction to keep you going in a relationship because it won’t work. You need more than a pretty face to go to bed with.
If your feelings for someone are cold the majority of the time and hot only when you down a few shots, then the spark is merely an illusion based on external factors.

You see a future together, but you’re not excited about it.
How many times have you imagined your wedding day, or your future kids,with your partner and felt . . . nothing?
Maybe even less than nothing? You felt like it wouldn’t be anything special?
Just because you see what your life could look like if you take a certain route doesn’t mean it’s the best one to take to get to your final destination.
“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”Wait for the person who makes you feel exhilarated and curious about what is yet to come.

You’re crossing your fingers that they change.
How often have you entered a relationship and realized there are at a minimum 5 things wrong with the individual, but you think that somehow, they’ll change?
First off, it’s not even remotely likely that the person you’re with doesn’t have a few annoying habits in the first place, and while those are indeed fixable, major personality traits are not.
Relationship expert Daniel Amis writes for Bustle says
“If there are many things you wish to change about the person you’re with, it simply means you’re not on board with who they really are.”
Just like you wouldn’t want your partner to change you, you should never enter a relationship thinking you’ll be able to change them.
Instead, look for someone who’s already aligned with your morals, your views, and your goals. You don’t need to have every single little thing in common, but having a relatively similar foundation helps.

Source: Abi Writes

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