The Hidden Reasons Why You Should Quit Sports Betting.

Sports betting seems like a quick and easy way to make money but in reality it is not. Many youth dream of winning big amount on sports betting but in reality does not happen.They end up squandering their savings, incomes, school fees, chop money and business capital on sports betting. Sport betting is one of the biggest problem to the youth of these days because of the following reasons:

1.Sport betting makes you poor.

Prophet Dag Heward mills once said if you want to be poor continue betting.

To call a spade a spade, sport betting is unlikely to make you rich but poor. Most people lose all their money through sport betting.

The tricky and fascinating thing with sport betting is that, when you stake a bet and lose, you may be tempted to stake another one in order to recover your previous lost bet which you may end up losing a again.

2. Addiction 

It is very unpleasant when you keep on betting and losing but you can’t stop because you are so addicted to the extent that you even borrow to bet when you are short of funds. if do not stop betting now you will surely become addicted – meaning lack of control or inability to stay away from betting everyday.

3.Can cause health problems.

Losing huge some of money on betting can be very harmful to one’s psychological and physical health. Individuals can experience headache, depression, distress, migraine, anger and other anxiety related problems as a result of bet failure.The moment you lose a huge some of money on betting your body temperature changes, your mind will be going crazy and you wont be your normal self for a while.

4.Time consuming

Many bet stakers spend their valuable time all day analysing games, checking “head to head”, previous meeting results, teams news before staking their bet. After staking the bet, one is also tempted to follow up the matches by constantly checking livescore or by watching all the matches on television.

All these time being wasted can be used for something imperative or beneficial.

5. Wasting of money in buying betting apps.

Bet stakers waste money on buying expensive application like forza vip, baron vip and expert terimo. The truth of the matter is that all these application disappoints many imes and therefore not realiable. You many end up wasting money buying them.

In conclusion, I would say sport betting is not the way to make it in life. Find a better work or hustle.

As the saying goes a word to the wise is enough.

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