The Devil’s Last Bullet Against You.SEXUAL LUST AND EMOTIONAL FEELINGS. The Way Forward In Overcoming Lust


◾What Is The Way Out ?

One of the frustrating and silent spiritual killer in the heart of many Christians and even among those who are fervent in prayer is “The Battle Of Sexual Lust Of The Mind”

I mean ……your mind is already cooked up with all infatuations and emotional crushes and even the degree of praying and fasting has not been helpful.

▫️You can sing gloriously like Lucifer, dance wonderfully like Michael Jackson 🕴️with all the moves and groves in the church

▫️ You can pray down Holy Ghost fire 🔥 and preach heart pricking salvation messages but unfortunately “inwardly you are still tied down by the spirit of sexual lust”

Now, how can you actually overcome this nightmare called “Sexual Lust” which can send you to Hell in twinkly of an eye after sudden death.


Let quickly look at practical samples definitions of sexual lust and admiring

◾What exactly is Lust?

Lust is a feeling of STRONG desire for something.

Here, our emphasis will be on Sexual Lust …..✍️

Now as a modification to the definition of lust; it is a feeling of strong sexual desire.

Let us differentiate between admiration and lust right away:

… it possible to look and admire without lusting? 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is where most (Sexual Puritans) Christians miss it;

They equate admiration with Lust and this has made them to be living in perpetual guilt.

We will be practical .. So that we can really follow properly. Take the following instances;

▫️As a lady, you meet this dark complexioned, tall and charming young man and you say ….”Woooww! 🥰 This man is handsome.

……have you lusted after him? 🤷🏻‍♂️

No, you haven’t!

You have just admired him….but the more you keep on looking 👀 , digging deeper in looking, the devil will craved into your heart and start replaying passed sexual movies scene you once conjured in your mental faculty and before you know it…. Your body language started changing…… And that will be regarded as lust.

Now as a man……✍️

You behold a lady wearing a very neat, well ironed dress with properly set hair and a good shoe; 🧍‍♀️and you say,… “Oh sister, you look so good and beautiful”

Have you lusted after her? 🤷🏻‍♂️

NO, you haven’t!

You just admired something that looks good to your eyes 👀 but once you keep on looking and sinking in admiring…. The devil will definitely come to minister to you about how it will feels seeing her nakedness and before you knew it, sexual lusting has creep in.

Now let’s take a practical example on lustful looking….✍️

You look at the lady above and then the desire within you to kiss, cuddle, caress, fondle or even have sex with her. …my brother, you are lusting.

Your “looking‟ has degenerated into “lusting‟.

You see that handsome guy above, and while you are looking at him, you begin to imagine yourself in his arms, cuddling and fondling you, etc.;

My sister, you are lusting.
Jesus says in Matthew 5:28, “… Whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery (fornication) with her in his heart.”

So, while you “look‟ with your eyes, “lust‟ takes place in the heart ♥ .

When you are passionate about sexual purity, your concern will be how to ensure your “looking‟ does not degenerate into “lusting‟.

See what Job said in chapter 31 verse 1, “I made a covenant with my eyes; why then should I think (lust) upon a maid?”

Thinking is one of the functions of the MIND 💭 or heart; so Job says, he won’t allow his heart to think or lust upon a woman.

Now that we have known what lust is, are there practical ways we can overcome sexual Lusting.



If you are presently engaged or in courtship with all the emotional fire fire 🔥 in place — it is time you set up a bridge… I know that you ladies love words affirmations, all those love jargons quotes which use to makes your head boom like balloons! 🎈

Now, it is time you tell that guy to stop praising you with all those affirmative accolades and pet names which always sprout fort those internal emotional lustful feelings.

Now, you need to stop sending pictures whose reveal your internal figure, pants lines and be very conscious……both of you are supposed to be a helpmeet, helping each other by not provoking or luring him or her with explicit images or seductive words.

The spiritual well-being of your partner must be your ultimate concern because if anything goes wrong — God might decide to dissolved that relationship and count it not worthy and that is why we have many dissolved relationships today.


As a young lady, you must be aware that once you enter your ovulation period “there is this high natural sexual urges, sparkly as if you gonna die without quenching it without infatuations or thinking lustful.

Now, this period last about couple of days and that doesn’t mean you are abnormal.

You are OK, but it’s a moment you need to highly segregate yourself from an opposite sex, chatting or interaction and begin to soak your mind with your Bible or spiritual activities.

However in some situations you might find it so difficult to be lonely due to the internal feelings sparks..

Though, you might give this a try — “soak a clean piece of cloth in warm water and use it to massage your private downside and if all goes well, those terrible feeling will subdue”

Now, you need to learn how to control your MIND 💭 — every lustful feeling begins from the MIND.

Your mind always does the thinking and that is where you need to learn how to control by a means know as “DISTRACTION”

As my brother, please never you look at a beautiful young lady twice in admiration.

That first look is what I called “MISTAKE NUMBER ONE” and you must ensure you dare not sight at her for the second look because if you dare — you will might begin to imagine rotten images in your mind.

Lastly, they say “prayer is the only key to attract God’s attention”

So you must also attached every effort with prayers and I strongly believe, that root of sexual lustfulness will be uprooted by God’s grace.

May God bless !!! 🙏

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