THE CONFESSOR. Episode Two,2 Released.


( She’s angelic, he has a black heart 🖤)

Written by Kimmy ✍️✍️

        Episode 2

“How the hell did she do that ” I muttered.

” I think she have got super powers ” nova said and I mouthed a wow.

” I wish I have super powers too ” I said and nova shot me a deadly glare.

Just then Paige and her friends stood up from their chairs and nova stood up too.

” Where to? ” I asked.

” Class ofcourse. I’m tired of watching these ugly faces here ” she said looking at Paige and her friends who was now walking towards us.

I know my sister , she’s planning on doing something evil.

” Nova” I called as she carried the can of juice from the table.
I looked and saw the Paige was already close to us.

” Nova please don’t ” I said in a whisper. Suddenly she poured the juice on Paige who was about walking past our table.

Sh*t this isn’t good.

” Oh my God sorry it was a mistake ” nova said using her dirty hands to rub Paige’s cloth.

” Remove your stinky hands from my cloth ” she yelled and nova coughed lightly.

” I’m sorry Paige. Here’s my handkerchief you can use it to Clean your cloth ” I said and stretched it to her.

” Get that stinky handkerchief off my face ” she said irritated and slapped my hands.

Within a twinkle of an eye, nova hands was already on Paige’s cheek.

” Woahhhh ” the students exclaimed amazed.

” You can insult me all you want and I won’t say a word to you but I won’t watch a low class like you insult my sister ” nova yelled.

My attention was no longer in what nova was saying. All my attention was on Paige’s finger. What if she tries to harm or embarrass my sister with her magic.

Just as she was about moving her fingers, nova fell on her and they both landed on the ground.

” Ouchhh!!!! ” Paige screamed in pain holding her fingers.

” That’s for embarrassing a poor girl after she said sorry to you ” nova said and stood up from her body.

Oh good lord!!!

Nova what have you done.

” Let’s go Alaina ” nova said and dragged me outta the cafeteria.
” Why would you do that? ” I asked nova as we walked through the hall way leading to our class.

” I was only serving justice ” she said and rolled her eyes.

” Nova when did you turn a justice server? ” I asked and she chuckled.

” Right from the day I was born. You know even in my mother’s stomach ve always dreamt of being a justice server and if justice server is a course in Oxford university I’m gonna take it ” she said and I shook my head.

” You talk too much. Just pray mum and dad doesn’t finds out about what happened today ” I said and she clicked her tongue.

” Whatever!!! Even if they hear, they won’t be able to come home right away. I’m damn sure they’re in a forest or bush taking pictures of birds , flowers , and so on ” she said and I sighed.

Suddenly , we heard a voice crying from a near by class.

” Who’s crying?” I asked curiously.

” Are you asking me? ” nova replied rudely and I frowned.
She Burst into laughter.

” Ok I’m sorry but you know sometimes you ask silly questions ” she said and wrapped her hands around my shoulder.

” Let’s go check who’s crying ” she said and I smiled.
We entered the class and saw the girl Paige embarrassed crying like a baby.

” Hey ” nova said and touched her shoulder.

” Stop crying wipe your tears. I already dealt with that God’s forsaken human being ” nova said and I placed my hands akimbo.

” Really? ” The girl asked and she nodded.

” Thanks so much ” she said and stopped crying. She continued crying again.

” Hey why crying again? Wipe your tears ” nova said.

” My uniform is torn and ion have any other clothes to wear ” she said and nova laughed.

” Just that. Don’t worry I’m going to get you one ” nova said and wiped the girl’s tears.

” Thanks so much ” she said now smiling.

” It’s my pleasure. So what’s the name? ” Nova asked and sat beside her.

” Emmy ” she said and nova wowed.

” What a beautiful name ” she said and touched the girl’s hair.

” Thanks ” she said and blushed.

” So about those girls earlier in the cafeteria, can you brief me about them? ” Nova asked.

” Oh you mean the H.A.P girls ” she said and I raised my eyebrows.

” H.A.P girls ?” I asked wondering what it meant.

” Yeah H – Harley ,A – Anita , P – Paige ” she said.

” Wow intresting ” I said and nova smiled.

” Yeah they’re the H.A.P girls, feared by everyone in this school. They love bullying students and all of that ” the emmy said boiling in anger.

” I noticed she has super powers too ” nova asked and she nodded.

” Does her friends has too? ” I asked and she nodded negatively.

” It’s just Paige that has super powers and she behaves as if she owns this school – Diamond’s high ” she said.

” By the way who’s the CEO of Diamond’s high? ” I asked.

” Oh I really don’t know the owner but I heard it belongs to a weird handsome guy ” she said.

” Really?? Why call him weird? ” I asked.

” I really don’t know but that’s what people say and the truth is I have not seen him face to face, I have only heard about him. And he hardly comes here except for emergency – that’s what I heard ” she said and nova nodded.

” Hmmm strange ” I muttered and she nodded.

” What’s his name? ” Nova asked.

” Wyatt Finn ” she said in reply.

Wyatt Finn!!
Finally school was over.

” I can’t wait to go home and eat ” nova giggled and I laughed.

” You know you behave like a baby at times ” I asked and she chuckled.

” Whatever!!!! Let’s go ” she said and ran outta the class.

” Hey trouble girl wait for me ” I yelled and ran after her.

          Paige's POV

” Arghh ” I cried out in pain as Harley tried stretching my finger.

I swear I’m going to make that nova of a girl pay for what she did to me.

” Sorry Paige ” Anita said calmly.

” Just shut up. You guys were there when she did that but you could do a thing and you call me your friend ” I yelled almost crying.

” I’m sorry ” they muttered and I shot them a deadly glare.

” Keep your sorry to yourself. Where’s Diego I asked you to call for me ? ” I asked Anita.

” He’s on his way ” she said and Harley scoffed.

Just then the door creaked open and deigo came in.

” Perfect ” I muttered.

” Hi Diego ” I said and smiled.

Diego is actually the bad guy in school and feared by many except me.

” Hey ” he said.

” Where are your boys? ” I asked looking around.

” Oh they’re outside waiting for me ” he said and brought out a pack of cigarette from his pocket and took a stick from it.

He brought out a lighter and shoved the packet of cigarettes into his pocket.

He lit the cigarette and puffed out some smoke making me cough lightly.

” So what do you want us to do for you this time around ? ” He asked.

” Just a simple task!! “…..

To Be Continued

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