THE CONFESSOR. Episode 5 Released

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart πŸ–€ )

         Episode 5

Written by Kimmy ✍️✍️

      Alaina's pov

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw nova sitting on the reading table , doing something on her laptop.

” Nova ” I called as I cleaned my eyes and sat properly on the bed.

” You’re awake? ” She asked still looking at her Laptop.

” Why aren’t you sleeping? ” I asked and she sighed and turned to me.

” Doing something important ” she said as she stood up and came to sit beside me on the bed.

” What are you doing?” I asked and she smiled.

” was just doing some research about your powers ” she said.

” Did you find anything? ” I asked and she nodded negatively.

” You posses some sort of strange powers and according to what I heard from Harley , she said another confessor. Well I decided to do some research on confessor but goggle was giving me a different thing entirely ” she said.

” What did goggle give you? ” I asked.

” Twas giving me something like a confessor is a priest that confesses people blah blah ” she said in reply.

She stood up from the bed and walked towards her wardrobe. She opened it and brought out a big book.

” She came and sat beside me. I found this yesterday when I went out to get something ” she said and showed me front of the book which was written on it ” MAGIC AND POWERS ( how to control them ) “.

” I found something about a confessor inside ” she said and dropped the book on the bed.

” What about confessor ?” I asked.

” Well according to the book, they’re ancient order of women sworn to find the truth no matter how people may try to hide it ” she said.

” Does that mean I’m ancient? ” I asked and she burst into laughter.

” Alaina you’re funny ” she said and laughed again. I sighed and looked away from her.

” Apart from the ancient stuff what other things do confessor’s do, like what’s their ability and what happens to the people they confess. ” I asked.

” Umm confessor, confesses people.

People that are confessed by them will/must abide to their will.

It’s just like they become useless after being confessed. They can’t do a thing on their own they always want to please their mistress whatever and a typical example is Diego and his friends.

After they were confessed by you. You see they became a pest, always wanting to please you” she paused and continue.

” And about what happened to you in the restroom yesterday , it’s called blood rage. Like it occurs when you can’t withstand a pain or when you witness the one you loves in pain, then you loose control of your powers ” she said.

” Hmm ” I sighed looking into her eyes.

” What?? ” She asked.

” Nothing. Let’s just go back to sleep so we can go to school early tommorow ” I said.

” Ok fine Alaina but please you should asked Diego who sent him to rape me in the girls restroom ” she said and I smiled.

” Sure ” I said and we both laid on the bed.

” Nova are you awake ” I asked.

” Yes . can’t sleep? ” She asked and I sighed.

” Nova ” I called and turned to her.

” Hmm ” she hummed.

” Promise me you won’t tell Mom and Dad about what happened in school and that I have powers. Please ” I begged.

” I promise ” she said and I mouthed a thank you before closing my eyes.

” Good night Alaina , don’t forget tommorow is another day ” was the last thing I heard before I drifted to sleep.

” Wake up wake up ” nova screamed into my ear.

I opened my eyes and glanced at the wall clock.

” Jesus!!!! ” I yelled and jumped off the bed.

I pulled off my clothes and ran inside the bathroom naked.

I’m going to be damn late for school.

” Ha ha ” nova laughed as I ran inside the bathroom naked.

” Careful sis your ass is gonna fall off ” nova yelled and I smiled as I laid on the bath tub.

I don’t know what’s happening I just feel different today. I feel energized. I’m just happy.

I smiled at myself as I walked out of the bathroom. Nova was no longer inside the room but her bag was.

I picked up my lotion from the dressing table and applied it to my body, singing happily.

I dried my hair and wore my uniform.

I comb my hair and let it fall freely on my shoulder. I applied a red lipstick on my lips and smiled as I glanced at my beautiful face on the mirror.

” I see you look happy today ” nova said as she entered the room.

” Yeah ” I replied whispering a song to myself.

” Hmm tell me what’s the secret ” she asked and carried her bag.

” Are you sure you wanna know the secret? ” I asked as I wore my school bag.

” Yes ” she said and wore her’s.

” Today is another day!!! ” I said in reply and ran outta the room.

” Hey Alaina wait for me ” nova yelled running after me.
The car screeched to halt in the school garage..

” Alaina ” nova called and signalled for me too look at my front. I did as she said only to see Diego and her friends running to our car.

I sighed and came down from the car.

” Give me your bag nova ” I said as they were already closed to me.

” But why?…. ” She asked.

” You asked questions alot just give me your bag ” I said and she sighed before throwing her bag to me.

Immediately Diego and his friends got to where I was I threw mine and Nova’s bag at them.

” Follow me ” I commanded and walked past them.

” Yes mistress ” they mouthed trailing after me.

” Mistress Alaina , her royal majesty the first ” nova whispered and wrapped her hands around my shoulder , making me smile.

           Writer's POV

A handsome figure clad in a black dress sat at the corner of a beautiful room , playing his keyboard with his eyes closed when a knock came in.

He opened his eyes , still playing his keyboard and the door creaked open revealing one of his bodyguard.

” Sir news has reached us that a confessor has been found in Diamond’s high ” the bodyguard said and the figure stopped playing the keyboard at once.

At the mention of the word ‘confessor’ his eyes turned red and his heart began to beat faster. The memories of her sister came running into his head.

” Prepare everything I need I leave for American by noon ” he said. His cold voice…

           Alaina's POV.

Twas noon and launch time already.

I and nova walked down the hallway and searching for Paige and her friends, but didn’t find Paige, only her friends was at the hallway. I’m sure she must be waiting for me in the empty class.

Actually I had Diego and his friends bring her for me after they told me she was the one who sent them to rape nova.

” Hi Paige ” I said calmly as I catwalked inside the empty class. Diego and his friends was standing beside her.

Gosh , I kinda felt pity for these guys.

” Diego ” I called and he looked at me.

” Mistress ” he said in reply.

” You and your friends should leave Diamond’s high, go far away and do something meaningful with your life ” I said and he nodded.

” As you please mistress ” he said and they all walked out.

” It’s now me , you and my sister ” I said looking at Paige.

She looked at me and swallowed hard.

” What do you want from me confessor ” she spoke rudely and I laughed.

” So you figured I’m a confessor right? ” I chuckled.

” What if I decide to confess you now ” I said and she flinched.

” What do you want from me ? ” She asked fearfully and I smiled.

” Just a simple answer from you. Why did you order those guys to rape my sister? ” I asked..

” I…. ” Just as she was about answering the questions everywhere began to vibrate.

Screams were heard from outside the building.

I and nova ran outta the empty class and went outside only to see one side of Diamond’s building has collapsed.

” What the heck?? ” I muttered totally amazed.

Students running Helter skelter.

” What’s happening Alaina? ” Nova asked trying to balance herself on the ground.

” Wyatt Finn has landed in American ” Paige said from behind and I opened my mouth totally shocked.

Wyatt Finn is in American 😱😱

To Be Continued.

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