THE CONFESSOR. Episode 4 Released


( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

          Episode 4

Written by Kimmy ✍️

” Command me mistress ” they said at once and went on their knees.

” What the hell? Another confessor ? ” I heard someone say. I looked towards the direction where I heard the voice lo and behold it was Harley.

Immediately my eyes met with hers she ran away.

I looked at Alaina and quickly stood up from the ground.

” Alaina ” I called and ran to her, suprisely she held my neck making it hard for me to breath.

” Alaina it’s me nova ” I struggled to say. At the mention of my name nova she became calmed and her eye color changed to normal.

” Nova ” she called and hugged me.

” Calm down Alaina ” I said patting my back..

She sniffed and I disengaged from the hug..

She looked at me and saw I was half naked.

She quickly pulled off her Jacket and gave it to me.

I help her stand up from the ground and held her hands.

” Mistress ” I heard Diego called but she ignored him.

” What the hell did she do to those guys? And why did Harley say another confessor? Does that mean she’s a confessor? But what’s a confessor , be never heard of it before? ” I asked in my head looking at her strangely..

She looked at me and looked away. I could read the expression in her eyes. She’s feeling guilty. She probably thinks I hate her. she’s still my sister and no matter what happens she’ll always be my sister.abd besides she saved me today, so why should I hate her.

We walked inside the garage , towards our car silently. Just as we were about entering our car , I heard a voice from behind.

” Mistress do you need our help ” Diego asked standing behind us with his friends.

” Just leave us alone ” I said almost yelling.

” We only take orders from our mistress ” one of the guy said.

” You heard what she said. Leave us alone ” Alaina said weakly.

” As you please mistress ” they said and left.

I sighed in relief and entered the car with my sister – Alaina before igniting the engine and zoomed off.
The drive home was silent.

I looked at Alaina and noticed she was in deep thought.

I sighed and looked away….

Finally the car screeched to halt in front of our mansion.

Alaina alighted the car immediately and ran inside the house.

” Alaina ” I called as I came down from the car and ran after her.

” Alaina please open the door ” I cried out knocking on the door to our room.

” Stay away from me nova. I’m Evil ” she said sobbing.

” You’re not Evil Alaina. You saved my life “.

” I saved your life and almost killed you. I know you don’t love me anymore. You now hate me. Just go away ” she cried

” Alaina you’re wrong. I still love you. You’re my one and only sis Alaina and I love you ” I said and suddenly the door creaked open.

” You don’t hate me ” she asked as she opened the door.

” No ” I nodded and she hugged me tightly.

” Thank you nova. You’re the best sister ever ” Alaina said and sniffed.

” And thank you for saving my life ” I said and smiled out tears.

           Paige's POV.

I stood in an empty class waiting for Harley to come give me a good news , when the door burst open and Harley ran in panting like someone who was being chased by a lion.

” Hey what’s wrong ” I asked looking at her.

” P…p…aige you won’t believe what I saw ” she said breathing heavily and sweating at the same time.

” What did you see? ” I asked.

” A..a.another confessor in Diamond’s high ” she said and I staggered.

” What the f**k? tell me
You’re lying ” I said trying to balance myself on the floor.

” I’m telling you the truth Paige ” she said and cleaned her forehead.

No this is not happening.

The last confessor that existed was Wyatt finn’s sister , willow. She was killed because she couldn’t control her powers and the last time I checked there was none in Diamond’s high after the death of willow. But how come there’s a confessor in Diamond’s high.

If there’s anyone I fear in this world apart from Wyatt Finn , it’s a confessor because death is more better than their touch on people like me.

” And who’s this confessor ” I asked curiously..

” It’s nova sister , Alaina ” she dropped the bombshell and I opened my mouth flabbergasted.

Infact flabbergasted is an understatement because right now I’m more than flabbergasted..

To Be Continued

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