THE CONFESSOR. Episode 3 Released


( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤)

              Episode 3

Written by kimmy ✍️✍️

      Alaina's POV

” Yeaaaaa sweet home sweet home ” nova sang happily as we entered the house.

” Enough nova stop behaving like a baby ” I said and climbed the stairs going to my room.

” Whatever!! ” Nova yelled and ran inside the kitchen.

” Foodie!! ” I muttered and went upstairs to drop my bag.

I climbed down the stairs and went to the kitchen only to see Nova eating the spaghetti sauce.

” Hmmm It’s gonna be damn delicious” I said and in my head and lick my lips.

I sat close to her and joined her.
#Next day
” Miss Justice server where’s my towel? ” I yelled from the bathroom.

” Inside my ear ” she yelled and I sighed.

I kept it here last night after I took my bath, I’m damn sure nova took it.

” It’s Alright ” I said and walked outta the bathroom naked. Nova sat on the bed all dressed up for school , doing something I guess important on her laptop because she was so engrossed in what she was doing.

I walked past her still starked naked and went to my wardrobe.

I picked up my uniform before putting it on
” School is damn boring today ” nova whispered to my ear as the mathematics teacher taught.

” Why do you say it’s boring? ” I asked in a whisper.

” I haven’t looked for trouble today. My hands are scratching me. I feel like slapping some people ” she said and I knocked her head lightly.

” Focus please, we will talk after class ” I said and she clicked her tongue.

” Whatever!! ” She said and I sighed
Classes were finally over.

I and nova arranged our school bags and walked outta the class.

We walked through the school hall way and met so many students standing close to their lockers.

” Alaina we forgot to collect the key to our locker from the principal. It’s not like the locker is important. I even like it” nova said and hit her head.

” We will collect it before going home ” I said and she nodded.
” This is the direction towards the principal’s office ” I said and nova mouthed a ” yeah “.

Suddenly, nova stopped walking.

” What??? ” I asked and turned to her.

” I need to use the restroom ” she said and quickly removed her bag from her shoulder and threw it at me.

” Let me come with you ” I said and she nodded negatively.

” Just wait here I’ll be back in a jiffy ” she said and ran off.
I sighed for the tenth time as I glanced at my wrist watch.

It’s been more than 30 minutes and she’s yet to come.

” Arghh ” I sighed in frustration.

I feel like she’s in trouble.

I should go check up on her.

I’m damn sure she needs my help right now.

          Nova's POV

I sighed as I looked at my face in the mirror at the restroom.

” Alaina must be worried about me. I should go now ” I said in my head and turned to leave only to see some set of guys standing close to the door with their hands on their pockets.

” What’s a guy doing in a girls restroom ” I said and they smirked moving towards me.

” Hey I’m not afraid of you. Stay away from the ” I yelled and they burst into laughter.

” Leave me alone ” I yelled as they held my and pushed me to the hard floor.

” Let me go ” I cried out as they pinned me to the ground.

” You go first Diego ” one of the guy who held my hands said.

Oh God!!!!

I wasn’t planning to loose my virginity this way.

” Please ” I cried out helplessly.

I tried screaming for help but all was in vain.

I guess this is the end.

There’s no more hope.

I should just accept my fate.

I closed my eyes , sobbing silently as they ripped off my clothes.

Suddenly , the restroom door burst open revealing Alaina.

Oh no!!!!

They’re going to harm her too.

” Alaina go away ” I cried out.

” Woahhhh see who we’ve gat here.. two sisters. Buy one get one free ” the guys laughed.

” Get her ” the guy called Diego ordered two of his boys and they held Alaina in both of her hands.

” We weren’t given orders to touch you. Just your sister , so I guess you’re lucky pretty. Just watch your sister bleed to death ” Diego said and his boys laughed.

Diego pulled off his belt and zipped down his trouser..

” No no please don’t harm my sister ” Alaina screamed with with tears sliding down her cheeks.

Just as Diego was about fixing his d**k in my V area , Alaina began shaking profusely.

” Alaina.. Alaina ” I yelled but no answer.

” Arrgh ” she roared like someone who was in pain and the guys holding her let go immediately.

Diego stood up from me e quickly zipped up his trouser.

” What the hell is happening to her ? ” Diego muttered.

Alaina roared like a hungry lion , shaking her head. She raised up her head and looked towards my direction which the boys was standing.

” Alaina ” I called frightened as I noticed her eye color has changed.

” Alaina ” I called as she raised up her hands.

Her eyes Became black and all the guys including Diego’s eyes turned black at once and they all went on their knees.

” Command me mistress ” they mouthed.

” What the hell?? Another CÕÑFÊSSOR? ” I heard someone said from the door.

I looked up and behold it was Harley. Immediately my eyes met with hers she ran away.

Another CÕÑFÊSSOR???

What’s a CÕÑFÊSSOR or who’s a CÕÑFÊSSOR ???

To Be Continuned.

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