Shatta Wale hasn’t been eating well and just smokes marijuana, which has harmed his health over the last three years – Cutie Julls Makes a Proclamation

Cutie Julls, a popular Instagram blogger, has urged people to avoid spreading false reports about dancehall star Shatta Wale’s kidney problems.Shatta Wale, according to Cutie Julls, is one of the many celebrities in Ghana who only smokes marijuana and no other substances. Shatta Wale does not use hard drugs, according to Cutie Julls, and this is not the cause of his disease.“Please respect Shatta Wale’s right to privacy. We may confirm that his illness has nothing to do with smoking or “drugs.” Shatta takes just marijuana, much like the majority of your favorite artists. He isn’t a hard drug user. He can’t even afford to live like that. Free him, Abeg, particularly in these times. He simply does not eat properly. If you’ve ever seen Shatta in person, you’ll notice that he’s always seemed frail, and this problem has been a source of concern for at least the past three years. He is, however, good and improving. Many in the media who are exploiting his strained relationship with his biological mother by luring her to say “what isn’t even there” should stop. It’s nefarious. We’re talking about a mother-child relationship here. Please use your common sense. Shatta is a formidable opponent. He’ll come back stronger. His condition isn’t even close to being as horrific as it’s been made out to be in the media.” Cutie Julls took to Instagram to express herself.See the full post below;

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