Queen Mother Laments On MP’s Neglect Over Portable Drinking Water

The queen mother of Hlevi, Mama Dakpoesi Dey II, a suburb of Sogakope in the Volta Region has lamented bitterly over the lack of potable water in her town.

In a discussion with the media, she stated that they have pipe-borne structures in the town but more than a year and there hasn’t been a flow of water through those structures. “We have structures for a free flow of water, but more than 1 year we haven’t seen clean water from our own pipe”.

As a leader in the town, she has tried her possible means to restore these basic amenities but all to no avail. She stressed that she has been going to the office of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Mensah Woyome for assistance but all have fallen on deaf ears. Our last meeting again was on this Saturday 1st May, she stressed.

When asked how they survive, she told us they either hire a vehicle to buy them water from Sogakope or wait for some to come around. But if you can’t afford then you have to fetch water from a hole they dug for irrigation purposes. Though is not healthy, we have no option other than to manage it.

Source: Abi Writes

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