Nana Agradaa didn’t burn 3 of her most powerful gods perhaps to use them in her ministry for deliverance

Patricia Asiedu Koranteng, also known as Nana Agradaa, told Ghanaians that she will burn all of her idols and devote her entire life to God.

She announced this to the media and used the same platform to apologize to all of the pastors she had offended during her time as a traditional priestess.

During her address, she also mentioned that on Thursday, April 29, 2021, she would burn all of her gods to demonstrate her repentance.

And, lo and behold, Nana Agradaa on Tuesday kept her word and reduced the status of her gods to ashes.

Three of the gods, however, were spared from the fire, according to her, because they do not belong to her.

She claims that a fetish priest from Nkawkaw gave it to her for empowerment and that she is unable to burn it.

She would refund them to the owner because they do not belong to her. She can’t burn something she doesn’t own, so she’s told the world that she’ll return the deities to the man who gave them to her to use for her spiritual work

Nonetheless, man is no longer a kid as Nana Agradaa’s failure to burn the three (3) gods speaks a lot and there’s more to it than the explanation she gave.

In the voice of critical thinking Ghanaians including Realest Blogger of GHBase.Com fame, chances are higher that Nana Agradaa will surely go for the three gods in secrecy and used them in her new ministry.

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