Lies That Are OKAY To Be Told In A Relationship

Not telling them every time someone flirted with you.
If something truly meant nothing, it’s not a big deal if you choose not to tell your partner. But you have to be clear with yourself whether something is or isn’t a big deal. I personally don’t need to know about all the women that may hit on my husband because he’s a good-looking guy and I know it happens, but if it was one of his exes trying to mack on him, I’d like to know. But if you will like to be told, then you should also tell.

Appreciating a bad gift.
Appreciate them at the moment, but kindly let them know your preferences later, ideally in a way that doesn’t call attention to the bad gift they’ve already given you.

Being nice about one-off situations.
We all sometimes have to do things we don’t like just because we’re in a relationship. We have to spend hours at their mother’s house, which reeks of mothballs, or we attend a concert for a band we can’t stand. Announcing how much you hate it is never the best move.
Instead, you might fib and say, “I’m having fun” or “This is fine.” In these instances, you’re just trying to make the best of a not-so-great situation while also not guilting your partner.

Hiding something in the beginning.
Intimacy can take time to build, and you may need to wait to have that before you share something with a new partner.
Your romantic partner has to accept you as you truly are, but that can take time to work up to and you never want to rush it.

Sexting them that you’re wearing something sexy when you’re…not.
I never hang around wearing something sexy. Never. As soon as I get home from work, no matter what time it is, I put on pajamas and slippers. They aren’t even remotely sexy (think oversized t-shirt and pants), but when my partner sex text I just have to reply back telling a lie to make it look like I am actually wearing something sexy.

We all have various lies we tell that we feel they’re ok- let’s comments in the comments section and share as well.

Source; Abi writes

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