I Will Never Allow My Child To Read The Bible, It’s A Waste Of Time-Captain Smart Boldly Declares

Popular radio host who is widely known as Captain Smart has finally express his dissatisfaction on how religion has hinder the progress of nations and individuals. In a live radio broadcast which was transmitted live on Angel TV, the host of Angel Anopa Bofo disclosed that he is not happy the way religion is impeding the progress of Ghana since Ghanaians go to church even when they are suppose to work. He added that it is time for parents to stop forcing their children to study the Bible since that won’t make the child brilliant.

Captain Smart continued by saying he will it is useless to spend time at church whiles you can use that same time to work hard for something better. Am tired of how religion is destroying our country and for that matter I will never allow my child to read the Bible. It’s a waste of time to read the Bible. Those who read the Bible are brainwash to believe that they will get everything without any effort from them. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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