#FixTheCountry: ‘Ghanaians to protest over ‘government’s broken promises’ on May,9′

A group of Ghanaians have declared their intension to protest on May 9, 2021. This is as a result of the economic challenges in the country.

The group has been expressing its displeasure over the government’s failure to improve the living standard of Ghanaians on twitter.

They cited dumsor, unemployment poor healthcare systems as a proof of mismanagement of the country.

They cited these problems using the hashtag #FixTheCountry. Because the successive government failed to fulfil his promises making living standard difficult for Ghanaians. So the group intend in embarking on a peaceful march at a social distance pace from the independence square station to other part of the country’s capital.

They promised to hold a peaceful protest while adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

They also promise not entering into any security installation, destroying properties and breaching the peace in any other way.

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