Drivers To Increase Transport Fares By 40%

The Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana has given notice to the general public that fares for passengers who use their services will be increased by 40%.

The commercial drivers’ alert comes at a time when fuel prices have risen at different stations around the world.

Fuel is now selling for GHc6.13 per litre at Shell stations and Total pumps, for example.

The drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the country’s recent increase in fuel prices, saying, “We want to state unequivocally that we are more disappointed with the Nana Akufo-Addo administration.”

“Over the course of the century, we have seen subtle increases in fuel prices and have protested bitterly about the unwelcome suffering it has caused us, but it seems that our plight has fallen on deaf ears.”

The Drivers Association said in a statement that “it is much more disheartening that, on May Day, 2021, petrol commodities have seen another increase in their prices except that this time around government has made a formal announcement.”

“We would like to say unequivocally that, regardless of the percentage rise in gasoline costs, we would raise transportation fares by 40%.

“We were compelled to make this decision because the transportation industry has been less profitable as a result of such increases, which include driver’s licenses, auto premiums, and roadworthy certificates.

“Unfortunately, the President has struggled to follow up with his promises made when he was an independent candidate and even more recently when he ran for office. Despite his promises to make life easier, we are now living in more dangerous times “It was said.

As a result, the drivers have appealed to the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), businessmen and women, large and small-scale merchants, teachers, and both private and government employees to join them in urging the government to halt further increases in petroleum prices.

They stated that if the government fails to stop the increase, Ghanaians must be prepared to welcome the planned 40% increase in transportation fares.

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