Dear Men, 3 Simple Ways to Satisfy a Woman

Good morning blessed readers, this morning we shall be discussing five ways a man can satisfy a woman. Women are very hard to please. However, there are some basic things no lady can refuse. A good example is money, it’s the easiest way to attract a woman. I will talk about that below.

1. The very first way to satisfy a woman is to give her money. I don’t need to tell you that ladies love money and as a man you should have money. We have seen several marriages that are obvious that the lady only married for money. Gone are those days ladies fall for guys with six packs, they now go for guy who secured the bag. Sometimes, if your in-laws don’t love you, just send them a huge amount. You Will be amazed at how quick they would want the marriage.

2. Another way to satisfy a woman is by giving her attention. Most ladies want hundred percent of attention though most men can’t give that. However, give her enough attention because most ladies see attention as love.

3. Give your woman freedom! Most ladies love this. Don’t be a man who restricts his woman from doing almost every thing. There are some guys like that who tell their woman not to do almost everything. Stop restricting her from visiting friends, attending parties etc.

Give her freedom to call and text anybody. Some guys will keep stalking their woman. Checking her every calls.

I will be dropping my pen for now. I didn’t mention much points because the first point already said it all. Let’s have your comments below.

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