After the win, Bonucci slams Juventus’ results, saying, “It’s the end of an age.”

After Juventus’ win over Udinese, defender Leonardo Bonucci slammed the team’s success and proclaimed the end of an age.Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the final ten minutes to give Juve the three points.“We just took three points around, but if we’re satisfied with just 10 minutes, we’ve learned nothing.” On Sky Italia, Bonucci shrugged, “absolutely nothing.”

We can’t seem to shift gears and maintain a consistent pace throughout the game. It’s the most difficult concept to grasp, but we must continue to give our all in order to achieve our Champions League goal.“Incidents determine the outcome of matches. We gave them a mission, and they gave it to us. It’s all in the specifics, and we’ve lost points far too many times this season because of them.”Juve are now equal on points with Atalanta and Milan in second position, and will face the Rossoneri next weekend.

The next match is one that we must win. We didn’t offer Udinese much today, but they never had the heart, determination, or enthusiasm that we saw in the final ten minutes.“An age has come to an end; we didn’t help ourselves this season by losing points, but Inter was the most reliable team in the end.

2“A new chapter starts today, and we must find the desire to reclaim what we have lost after nine years of dominance, something that will be impossible to duplicate in the future. It was absolutely magnificent.“Congratulations to Inter; they deserved to win the Scudetto, but we’ll get back on our feet and back in the game.

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