8 Good Reasons Why Women Should Start Asking Men Out On Dates

Times have changed. Today’s woman is far more independent than ever, she is strong enough to support her family single-handedly, and she is progressing in every field.

1. You Have The Power To Change The Norm

A few decades ago, it wasn’t normal for women to get into relationships with men before their wedding or start living with their guy without getting into a marriage contract. But over time, the norms have changed. You have the power; you did it before, and you can surely do it now. So, change this stereotypical norm and start asking men out yourself.

2. You Will have Power Over The Relationship

When you take the initiative of asking the guy out, you will have more power over the relationship. Wouldn’t it be a nice feeling to have a ˜stronger say in a relationship? Be the first to ask that guy out and enjoy the lead role in your relationship.

3. What If He’s Too Shy To Design A Move?

If he is a shy dude, he may not make the first move. He doesn’t have the confidence, and the fear of rejection in him is far more than it’s in you.В. Maybe your crush needs a little confidence and assurance from your side. Maybe he is just waiting for a green signal from you; then why not? Go ask him out; it might be better for both of you.

4. Guys Want To Be Asked Out

According to a survey, 95% of men think that a girl is hot if she asks them out herself. Many guys will love it if a girl is asking them out. Studies have proven that when a girl asks a guy out for a date, it boosts his ego, and he is flattered by the offer, which likely ends up in a yes’ from his side.

5. Don’t Wait, If You Want Him, Get Him

This is not the old era where women had to suppress their desires and feelings. Approach to girls, the century we are living in gives us all the freedom of choice. If you like a man and have strong feelings for him, don’t just sit there and wait for him. Design the first move yourself and get him before he is taken by someone else.

6. It’s About You Too

Dating and being in a relationship is a mutual thing. Why give a man a lead in judging you? Why does he always have to see if you are a good fit for him or not? This relationship is about you too. Feel your worth and ask someone out and then size him up to see if he is good for you. A perfect relationship is always about mutual sizing-up from both partners.

7. You Will Cease Over-Analysing And Finally Get A Reply

Are you having a hard time analyzing his mixed signals? Don’t drive yourself crazy with constant analyzing and interpreting; go and ask for an answer. When you ask him out, you will either get a yes or a no. This confrontation will either put an end to your fantasies about him, or you will start up with a proper relationship with him. Whatever the case is, the over-analyzing crap will stop, and you will get a clear idea about his feelings towards you.

8. What Is There To Fear?

What is your greatest fear of asking him out? What is the worst that can happen? At the most, he will refuse and say no’. Even if your offer gets rejected, it is never about you. Maybe he wanted something else, so don’t exhaust yourself in convincing him to accept your offer. If he is not meant for you, then there is no point in going after him.

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