3 Surprising Science – Backed Ways You Can Age Slower

If you want to age slower, you can. Although we all age differently,much of how fast you age is up to you.As hard as it he to believe,aging is not only about genes.

Here are 3 scientific-backed ways you can age slower and stay younger;

0. The milk you drink
The milk you drink makes a significant difference. The argument of whether humans should drink cow milk has been around for years . We’re not here to solve that dispute here. The type of milk makes the difference in how fast you age. Those who drink low fat milk are more likely to age slower. “ For each 1percentage point increases in milk fat consumed (e.g 1% to 2%,adults had more than four years of additional biological aging.)

0.  The number of babies you have can make you age slower and stay younger

Another surprising,science-backed way to slow down your aging process is to have more babies. Seriously you might think having a house full of kids age you but that’s not how it works with moms.Scientist studied a group of women for 13years and on average,the women had 5 or more children during that period. According to the study, a potent antioxidant,estradiol, “increases dramatically during pregnancy (up to 200 times non-pregnancy levels”) This means that if you have more babies than one baby, you have already slowed down your aging process.

0.  Pimples

Pimples also known as zits plays a very vital role in your future. It’s hard to find anything positive about zits,especially when they declare war on your face. Scientists attribute the reduced aging of the skin to longer telemeres, the protective caps on the ends of you chromosomes. They use telemeres to measure aging speed. *if you have acne,your skin ages slowly. You will have fewer wrinkles.

I’m sure you were surprised by how having more babies could make you look more younger. Let’s know in the comments section more and share as well.

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