youre my heart desire

You’re my heart’s desire,
The dream that is beyond my reach,
The wish that might never be fulfilled,
You make me sweet profusely,
To appoint my armpits can produce a full cup of sweat,
I try so hard to hold back my feelings,
But I get weaker each day as my feelings for you get stronger,
I would really love to take his place,
But you’re so much into him,
How do I accept you’re his,
Yet my heart ain’t willing to give in to another,
Babe I will wait for you,
Though I wouldn’t want you get hurt or broken,
Cause I will be the one to feel the torture, tormentation and pain,
Cause my love for you is greater than me,
You’re the Rose flower,
That has refused to blossom,
And beautify my garden.


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